Oh no, not critical and sarcastic!

BBC dutifully repeats that JK Rowling is bad awful horrible outrageous and above all of course transphobic.

The presenter tells us, in full BBC RP smug confident style:

…and now with a series of pretty explosive social media posts campaigner and provocateur on free speech. In response to the Hate Crime and Public Order Act coming into force in Scotland yesterday Ms Rowling posted critical and sarcastic comments about ten transgender women, rounding off her series with the remark “The people aren’t women at all but men every last one of them.” She ended by saying “Arrest me, Hate Crime Act Scotland.” As culture war interventions go, this was no holds barred.

Easy for him, isn’t it, just as it’s easy for Jolyon Maugham and Owen Jones and all the rest of them. Not their problem. No threat to their rights. How dare all these stupid bitches try to hang on to their hard-won rights! Gather ’round to sneer and frown at the bad woman with her culture war intervention. Meanwhile let’s ask a man what he thinks about it. Let’s ask the very cool Katie Neeves.

Male voice:

I thought ‘Oh I’m gunna get a ton of hate now,’ and sure enough that’s exactly what happened, and that’s exactly what she wanted to happen –

And it’s exactly what “Katie” wanted to happen too. It’s what they live for, this fake martyrdom.

Presenter asks him if he thinks Rowling committed hate crime.

Yes, I do actually, and she’s definitely inciting it – she knows she’s pushing the boundaries, and that’s why she made it very clear that she wasn’t in the country when she did it.

Yes, she is pushing the boundaries: the boundaries that men like “Katie” Neeves have set up to prevent women from talking about women’s rights as opposed to the rights of men in skirts.

She doesn’t do it for the hell of it, or to shock prissy BBC presenters, or to annoy guys like “Katie” Neeves. She does it because the brainless ideology that says men are women if they say they are is a locomotive running over women’s rights.

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