Thorry thorry thorry

The BBC “apologises” for soliciting yet more abuse of JK Rowling.

The BBC has apologised for its “poor effort” to resist “baseless accusations” of transphobia against JK Rowling on BBC Radio 4. Stacey Henley, a trans woman and editor-in-chief at The Gamer, said the Harry Potter creator was pushing “transphobia” and a “campaign against trans people”. She made the comments while discussing a new Harry Potter video game called Hogwarts Legacy.

Effort shmeffort. Why seek out men who call themselves women to talk about JKR at all? The BBC doesn’t seek out white people who call themselves Black to talk about race and issues around race, does it? Who cares what some guy who runs a gamer mag thinks about JK Rowling? Why ask him? What’s his expertise or relevance? Why does the BBC go looking for people it knows are going to rant about terfs and transphobia to discuss feminist women? Fuck their “apology.” They got what they were looking for: more abuse of Rowling and thus more bullying of feminist women and women in general.

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