Seen using a loud hailer

The binder-promoting doctor (Dr Ronx Ikharia) was at the aggressive “protest” yesterday. The Daily Mail is the source:

A CBBC presenter has been accused of leading a transgender rights mob that yesterday set off smoke bombs and tried to storm a conference on gender issues.

Dr Ronx Ikharia, who presents Operation Ouch!, was seen using a loud hailer outside a meeting of doctors and academics at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

Police and security staff clashed with dozens of activists who set off smoke bombs and tried to get into the building, but no arrests were made.

Just imagine if the people inside had been holding a trans conference and the people outside had been gender skeptics. Do we think arrests would have been made?

Inside the venue, experts from the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender (Can-SG) discussed issues such as the dangers of sex-change drugs for children.


In a speech outside the First Do No Harm conference, Dr Ronx said: ‘I am a doctor of 13 years, I am a trans, non-binary doctor and Can-SG is doing harm.’

What is “trans, non-binary”? Besides opposites?

Anyway, as for harm – how is Dr Ikharia (Ronx is her first name) not doing harm by encouraging confused teenage girls to wear binders?

Dr Ronx, 40, presents alongside twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken on the popular children’s health show Operation Ouch! 

Last night, Stephanie Davies-Arai, of campaign group Transgender Trend, said: ‘A CBBC presenter should not be involved in protests against evidence-based medical care for children. That Dr Ronx led a protest that prevented attendees from accessing the conference is a serious public order infraction.’

In an Instagram post yesterday, Dr Ronx said: ‘To see people who are ‘professionals’ tut, frown and take pictures of us as if we are the enemy whilst accessing the conference was not nice. The intellectualisation of trans bodies frames our existence as debatable.’ 

Oh ffs. That “intellectualisation” is how medicine is made effective and safe as opposed to futile and dangerous. And the issue is not the “existence” of people who call themselves trans, the issue is the claims about magical changeable “gender.” At age 40 you should be all grown up.

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