That’s pragmatism?

Labour continues to be confused about what the word “woman” means.

And while a proud socialist, [Angela Rayner] is clear that first and foremost she’s a pragmatist. “Ideology never put food on my table,” is one of her top lines. Another: “We can’t fix everything overnight.” She has also said she is “hardline” on law and order, and pro-security (her brother served in Iraq). When I ask how Labour will handle the accusation from Tories that “Keir doesn’t know what a woman is”, she says, without acknowledging any shift, “Yeah, sure. We have biological women and we have trans women. And they’re both women: one is a biological woman through sex, and one is a trans woman who has transitioned. Most of the public can get that.”

Ok then, we have two kinds of Angela Rayner: one who is biological and one who has transitioned.

We have two kinds of everything: one that is real, and one that is just assertion.

Most of the public can repeat lies if they’re bullied hard enough, but that’s not quite the same as genuinely believing the lies.

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