On the doorstep

Now David Lammy wants us to think it’s all a diversionary tactic.

In an interview on Wednesday morning shadow justice secretary David Lammy said Today programme presenter Nick Robinson was “deliberately asking me about an issue that you know does not come up on the doorstep.”

He shouted it more than said it. It was a performance of righteous indignation.

The issue was why Lammy had called Labour women “dinosaurs.”

Mr Lammy said: “You, the BBC, are choosing to land on this subject – that most British people aren’t talking about in a fuel crisis – and spend minutes on this because it keeps Labour talking about identity issues and not about the substantive policies that Keir will set out.”

Then don’t call women dinosaurs who are “hoarding rights.”

Sir Keir was asked about the issue during another BBC issue on Sunday ahead of the party’s conference, and responded by admonishing a Labour MP for saying that only women have a cervix.

Rosie Duffield, to be exact. Keir Starmer was asked about trans blah blah so he seized the opportunity to scold a woman MP for saying only women have a cervix, which of course is true and should not be in any way controversial. Whatever the psychological issues or emotional turmoil of people who say they identify as the other sex, the reality of biological sex is what it is, and women shouldn’t be bullied and punished for telling the truth about it.

The Labour leader said it was “not right” to make the claim and called for a “mature, respectful debate” around the issue. He added that the trans community was “amongst the most marginalised and abused communities”.

But so are women, and there are far far far more of us. Starmer should look up some stats on rape, femicide, domestic violence, and the like. We’re not the dominant caste here.

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