A family trip to the woods

The privilege of being a woman:

Sarah Everard was handcuffed by her murderer as he pretended to arrest her for breaching Covid guidelines.

Met Police officer Wayne Couzens abducted her as she walked home from a friend’s house in Clapham on 3 March.

Couzens showed his warrant card before restraining Ms Everard, 33, putting her in his hire car and driving away.

Driving away not to the nearest police station, but to Dover, where he transferred her to his own car. She must have known within minutes that he wasn’t arresting her. Dover is at least an hour from Clapham.

Couzens then drove to a remote rural area he knew well, where he raped Ms Everard. The sexual predator had clocked off from a 12-hour shift that morning.

The exact time Ms Everard was killed could not be determined, although she was dead – strangled with Couzens’ police belt – by about 02:30 on 4 March, when he stopped for snacks at a service station.

Snacks. Yes it’s tiring and hungry-making work to drive all that way, rape a woman, murder her, and get back in the car and drive off. Snack time.

A week after she disappeared, Ms Everard’s body was found in a woodland stream in Ashford, Kent, just metres from land owned by Couzens.

Her body and clothes had been put inside a refrigerator and set alight before being moved in builders’ bags.

The court heard that a couple of days after burning Ms Everard’s body, Couzens took his wife and two children on a family trip to the woods.

I hope he brought plenty of snacks.

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