Spike in knowing the difference

More demands for submission and compliance:

A WORCESTER councillor has called for an end to the “political rhetoric” that leads to trans hate crime.

Robyn Norfolk was speaking at a meeting of Worcester City Council at the Guildhall on Tuesday, July 9. Cllr Norfolk had introduced an annual report to the council as its member champion for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). She said it had been a pleasure to work with council officers.

I suspect Robyn Norfolk is a man. The photo at the top of the article certainly looks like a man.

Cllr Richard Udall said hate crime is a growing concern for many people and that “perpetrators are causing significant harm to individuals”. He said: “Some of the public participation in this chamber was targeted at the trans community and I’m also aware that the trans community top the list of victims of hate crime in West Mercia.”

How are you defining hate crimes?

I found a news item on “transphobic hate crime” in West Mercia from last October:

WEST Mercia saw more hate crimes committed against transgender people in 2022-23 than during the year before, new figures show. The Home Office says public discussion by political leaders and the media could be behind a rise in transphobic hate crime across the country.

New figures from the Home Office show West Mercia Police recorded 105 hate crimes against transgender people in the year to March – a rise from 91 in 2021-22.

But, again, we don’t know how they’re defining hate crime. How things are defined when it comes to trans people is a very knotty issue. Lots of trans ideologues consider it a hate crime just to say that people can’t change sex or that men can’t be women.

West Mercia Police recorded 2,142 hate crimes in 2022-23 – down from 2,272 the year before.

Among these, 1,399 offences (65%) were motivated by race or ethnicity, 386 (18%) by sexual orientation, 58 (3%) by religious belief, while 278 crimes (13%) were against those with disabilities.

Oh gee whaddya know look what isn’t even mentioned. No hate crimes against women at all then? So you’re counting rape as what, a love crime? Or is it just that women fly under the radar entirely because meh, who the hell really gives a damn about women, amirite?

Cllr Udall asked how the council can help to eradicate such hate crime. Cllr Norfolk responded: “I’m glad to say, in the 10 years or so that I’ve been out, I’ve received very little abuse for being trans.

“But having said that I do know of a small but youthful trans community in Worcester that regularly complain about trans hate crime. We have to stop the political rhetoric that goes along the lines that ‘you cannot change your gender’, ‘you cannot change your sex’, ‘we are mutilating young kids’.”

Yup, there it is – it’s “hate crime” to say that you cannot change your sex and by golly the stats on hate crime are through the roof.

When will people get bored with this nonsense?

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