Texas v women

Texas wants women to die of pregnancy complications.

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday rejected a challenge to the state’s strict abortion ban — a response to a lawsuit filed last year by a group of women who had serious pregnancy complications.

The ruling was unanimous. All of the nine justices are Republicans.

Five women brought the lawsuit in March 2023, saying they were denied abortions even when issues arose during pregnancy that endangered their lives. The case grew to include 20 women and two doctors.

That’s what happened to Savita Halappanavar, and what happens to women in Catholic-run hospitals in the US. Texas wants all pregnant women in Texas to run that risk. Texas wants all pregnant women to die rather than survive by terminating the pregnancy.

Zurawski v. Texas was the first legal challenge to the state’s bans that focused specifically on women with complicated pregnancies.

One of the lead plaintiffs, Amanda Zurawski, has said she nearly died in August 2022 when doctors delayed giving her a medically necessary abortion after she had catastrophic complications while 18 weeks pregnant. After her health deteriorated, her doctors eventually performed an abortion. She said she later went into sepsis and spent three days in the intensive care unit.

The Texas legislature wants more of that.

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