Rambling and misleading

Convicted felon Trump gave a news conference packed with the usual lies.

Mr. Trump, in a rambling and misleading 33-minute speech, derided the trial as “rigged” and attacked the judge in his first public comments since a Manhattan jury found him guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying records to cover up a sex scandal that threatened to derail his 2016 presidential campaign. He also made numerous misleading statements about the case and what took place at the trial.

“Misleading statements”=lies.

Mr. Trump said he would appeal. Long before that appeal is heard, he will be enmeshed in the gears of the criminal justice system. A pre-sentence report, made by probation officers, will make recommendations based on the defendant’s criminal record — Mr. Trump had none before this case — as well as his personal history and the crime itself.

That’s very interesting, because his personal history is packed full of fraud and lies. Voters can (and sadly do) ignore that, but probation officers not so much.

Trump claims, implausibly, that he never thought of Michael Cohen as a fixer. He says he thought of him purely as a lawyer. In reality, Trump assigned Cohen to do many jobs that had nothing to do with lawyering, such as threatening contractors and trying to rig an online CNBC poll to make Trump seem more popular than he really was.

So Threatening Contractors isn’t Law 101? Who knew?

Trump is now talking about Michael Cohen, who was the prosecution’s star witness against him. He says Cohen was an “effective” lawyer who turned out to be a “sleazebag.” This is ultimately part of the prosecutors’ case against Trump: he was trying to blame Cohen for everything, but Cohen was who Trump himself chose to defend him for a decade.

It’s hilarious that Trump calls anyone a sleazebag. Trump is the sleaziest sleazebag who ever sleazed. Everything he touches or mentions or looks at turns into sleaze. He’s the mildew of sleaze.

Where Trump looked both dismayed and upset in his brief remarks yesterday, he is back to familiar form, essentially lecturing the news media, and the public, at length about his views on the case, the trial, the judge and prosecutors.

In terms of daily life as opposed to larger matters, that’s one of the worst things about him – how much he talks at us and lectures us on his views in his horrible grating voice using his short stupid words to say brutal stupid things. It’s as if a bratty 8-year-old child got to yammer at us all day every day.

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