The howling

A little frivolity break. A story via Facebook (public):

I’ve been so busy between getting home and staying warm and skijoring and doctor’s appointments…I forgot to tell you the story of our journey home.

Well, our original flight was to be early February but the Alaska Airlines flight with the blown door changed everything. Flights were canceled and then the weather came in and more flights were canceled and then there was so much backup that Alaska Air would not fly the dogs for fear of delayed flights and the dogs getting stuck somewhere. I do appreciate that Alaska Air keeps a good eye out for the animals on their flights.

So, I had three canceled flights and was getting to have more adventures in California, however, I was anxious to get home.

Finally, we were cleared to fly on the 22nd. I did all the things, vet checks, and a long hike the day before to balance the stress for Artie & Moon. All seemed well as I checked in and made my way to my gate. I watched the dog kennels loaded onto the plane through the tall plate glass windows as I waited to board. My habit is to board the plane last because I want to be cramped on a plane as little as possible. Finally it was time to take my seat, everyone had boarded.

I walked through First class and I heard, unmistakably, Moon, howling her Siberian head off in the hold right beneath me. A few moments later Artie joined her chorus, “AWWWWOOOOOOOO, AWWWWWOOOOOOO!!” Passengers in first class could clearly hear them too. I stopped. I believed they were shouting their connection howl, sounding out to find out where I was. I really had no choice, so I got down on my knees and prepared to answer their call, I knew they would hear me.

Just then a flight attendant came up behind me and asked if I had dropped something. I turned and told her what was happening, and I asked her if it would be ok for me to howl down to my family in the hold. She did not bat an eye, so quick was she to measure the situation. She said, “Wait one moment, people are really on edge and I do not want them to get disturbed, I will make an announcement and then you can howl.”

I was very impressed. She got on the microphone and told the plane that they might hear 2 dogs howling in the hold and that in a moment, their owner was going to howl to them so could we all be quiet one moment so that these dogs could get their message? Wow, now I had to perform and everyone was straining to watch. Moon let out another pitiful and long howl and then I turned toward her and Artie down below, and ignored where I was, imagining I was calling to them from the boreal forest back home. I knelt down, cupped my mouth, and let out my best and loudest howl….And, Moon and Artie went silent, and the plane laughed. Then, the flight attendant got back on the microphone and said, “Would anyone else like to join in one more howl to let these dogs in the hold know that we care?”. And I swear, most of that plane load of fabulous people, HOWLED.

After that, it was a pretty upbeat flight with lots of chatter and visiting and we all made it back to Alaska to pick up our lives and reunite with loved ones, and remember to communicate our love.

When in doubt, howl.

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