Vile n horrific

Man cheats woman in sport, BBC weeps crocodile tears for the man.

A transgender pool champion says she received “vile” and “horrific” abuse online after her opponent refused to play her in a final.

That’s their lede. Not “Man insists on competing against woman in pool final” but “Man receives vile horrific abuse for cheating woman in a final.”

Why does he automatically matter more than she does? Why is fairness to her less important than his feefees? Why does he get to cheat in the first place?

Lynne Pinches conceded the Women’s Champion of Champions tournament to Harriet Haynes in Prestatyn.

Pinches said she did it out of “fairness”, claiming male-born players who identify as women have a competitive advantage.

Fuck you, Beeb. Fuck your scare-quotes on “fairness” and fuck your “claiming.” Of course men have an advantage.

It follows an apparent U-turn by the sport’s governing bodies, the World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF) and Ultimate Pool Group, on its transgender policy. In August players were told “only naturally born women would be eligible to play in their ladies’ categories”, but that decision has since been reversed. “When the U-turn happened, and the announcement happened, it absolutely devastated not just me but loads of players,” said a tearful Pinches in an interview with TalkTV.

But the BBC doesn’t care about them. Only the men matter.

Haynes generously says he would get out if…

“If the rules were changing and there [were] categoric evidence that I had a massive advantage over someone else, I would stop playing in female pool. That would be the end of it. Trans women are not a threat to pool. We’re not coming over in droves… it’s a very small percentage. And there’s nothing to fear.”

Ahhhhh isn’t that kind. If there were categoric evidence that he had massive advantage then he would stop. Non-categoric evidence that he has a large advantage isn’t good enough, he’ll go right on taking that large advantage, non-categoric-like.

Thanks, BBC. We feel so loved.

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