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Is this a Poe?

May 5th, 2024 2:43 pm | By

I feel as if it’s 1996 and we’re living the Sokal Hoax all over again.

The NY Times reports, apparently without shrieks of laughter, on a conference on – wait for it – queer food.

When Sasha DuBose uses the word “queer” to talk about food, it’s a verb, not an adjective. To Ms. DuBose, queering food is “taking how we define food and how we engage with it and twisting it, making it more fun.”

But food people already do that. It’s called coming up with new recipes.

Besides which, there is no one way that people “engage with” food. There are a vast, unmanageable number of ways people engage with food. Oddly enough, humans are very interested … Read the rest

Charges related to her clothing choices

May 5th, 2024 10:44 am | By

The BBC reported four days ago on the jailing of Manahel al-Otaibi.

Two human rights groups have condemned an 11-year prison sentence handed to a Saudi fitness instructor and women’s rights activist by a terrorism court.

Manahel al-Otaibi, 29, was convicted of charges related to her clothing choices and expression of her views online, Amnesty International and ALQST said. These included calls for an end to the guardianship system and videos of her shopping without an abaya, they added.

And that’s “terrorism.”

ALQST said she was initially accused of violating the Anti-Cyber Crime Law, including “opposing the laws relating to women, such as the male guardianship system and the hijab law”; “participating in several hashtags opposing these laws”;

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Terrorist jeans and t shirts

May 5th, 2024 10:20 am | By

Catherine Bennett at the Guardian asks some inconvenient questions about Saudi Arabia and its role as host of the Women’s Tennis Association finals.

She cites Manahel al-Otaibi, a 29-year-old fitness instructor and women’s rights activist.

[T]here could hardly have been a more convenient time for human rights organisations to report, as they did last week, that al-Otaibi whose circumstances were for months unknown, is serving 11 years in prison for the “terrorist” offences of wearing “indecent clothes” (ie, not an abaya) and supporting women’s rights. Her sister, Fouz al-Otaibi, fled the country in 2022 to avoid similar persecution. Fouz tweeted last week: “Why have my rights become terrorism, and why is the world silent?”

11 years in prison. … Read the rest

Inching forward

May 5th, 2024 7:54 am | By

How much “evolution of understanding” does it take?

Gillian Keegan has said she will no longer use the phrase “trans women are women”, explaining that her understanding of the issue has “evolved”.

Why did it need to “evolve”? Does she not know what a woman is? Despite being one herself?

In 2020, in response to a question from an LGBT+ forum in her Chichester constituency, the Education Secretary made the statement that “trans women are women”, adding that trans people should have equal access to “safe spaces”.

Safe spaces in the sense of women’s safe spaces? Trans people including the male ones? Male people should not have access to women’s safe spaces.

But. Good that she’s become better informed, … Read the rest

Guest post: A cherry, but no cake

May 5th, 2024 6:22 am | By

Originally a comment by tigger_the_wing on Hormones do not negate.

If hormone levels are going to be used as a way of dividing people into sporting classes, then current levels aren’t accurate enough; lifetime levels must be taken into account.

Oh, look! We already do that! Men, and women who have ever been doped with steroids like testosterone, have already been barred from women’s sport! See? We don’t need to ask intrusive questions about someone’s self-described ‘gender’! We can simply continue to exclude men and take blood and urine samples to ensure fairness!

I find it astonishing that people are tying themselves in knots to avoid admitting that humans come in two sexes, which need to be separate in … Read the rest

From lads mag hack to “culture writer”

May 4th, 2024 5:00 pm | By

Putz says what now?

On Tuesday the Garrick Club will hold a historic vote to decide whether to start accepting women as members. Some prominent figures, however, have already made their feelings clear. Stephen Fry, Sting and Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler have co-signed a letter, announcing that they “won’t feel able to continue as Garrick members” if women aren’t admitted. And the BBC’s John Simpson has publicly declared that he too would “find it impossible to stay”.

This is of course supremely noble of them. I have only one question.

After their many years as members, have they really only just discovered that the Garrick excludes women?

I suppose they must have. After all, if they’re so horrified by

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Not immediately obvious

May 4th, 2024 10:07 am | By

A post on the Cambridge University Press blog is so bad it appears to have been written by two children, but in fact the named authors are academics. It honestly strains belief.

First paragraph:

Kathleen Stock identifies as a philosopher of (expert on) sex and gender identity partly on the grounds that she has spent years (let us take her word for it) thinking, researching, and building careful and comprehensive arguments about these issues.

“expert on” is not a synonym for “philosopher of.” The two are not the same thing.

“let us take her word for it” is sheer childish sneering.

She also says, ‘it’s not hate speech to say males can’t be women’. But this claim is

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The wide-ranging conspiracy

May 4th, 2024 9:27 am | By

That’s what they’re calling it now? “Extreme body modification”? The Beeb:

The ringleader of an extreme body modification website wanted to be “the architect of his own body” after his marriage broke down, a court has heard.

Marius Gustavson and others carried out multiple mutilations on his “eunuch-maker” site.

Excuse me? How do you go about mutilating people on a website?

Through his “eunuch maker” site, Marius Gustavson and other “like-minded individuals” carried out multiple mutilations, “the scale of which is without precedent”, prosecutor Caroline Carberry KC previously told the Old Bailey.

The 46-year-old Norwegian required hospital treatment after having his penis and leg removed during body modification procedures.

Well he would, wouldn’t he.

He appeared for sentence alongside

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Don’t tell us about yourself

May 4th, 2024 6:50 am | By

Thought for the day: self-obsession is not progressive.

Someone should tell Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson. Urgently. By the way her pronouns are she/her, she says so herself.

But she says so much more than that, and all of it is About Her.

I’m a bisexual scientist. It’s only fairly recently that I’ve said that out loud, and I thought I’d say a bit about why that is and why I’m writing this blog.

So first, when I was starting out, there just weren’t opportunities like this.  Pride yes, but Pride IN STEM?  Definitely not.  I think I completely disregarded the idea that any aspect of my personal identity might be relevant to my science or my academic career.

You were right! You were right then, … Read the rest

Guest post: Hormones do not negate

May 3rd, 2024 4:21 pm | By

Originally a comment by Rev David Brindley on Give it all away.

Hormones do not negate the advantage conferred by longer levers, the reason that men can throw things further than women can.

Hormones do not negate the larger lungs and hearts that confer an advantage in any competition that requires stamina, eg distance running, field sports such as the various footballs and hockey.

Hormones do not negate the effect of muscle twitch, which along with longer levers, is why men punch so much harder than women.

And finally, hormones do not negate the sense of entitlement that appears in so many mid level males who will do anything to win, even if it means wearing lippie and a … Read the rest

Give it all away

May 3rd, 2024 11:58 am | By

Oh honestly. Why.

Why do we have to balance???

Why, especially, do we have to “balance” when the balancing harms women and doesn’t harm men? Why does anyone even call it “balancing” when the losers are women and the gainers are men? Especially when the person calling it that is a woman? Especially when the woman is Alice Dreger?

Why why why why why the FUCK do we have to keep giving away women’s rights … Read the rest

Peak diddums

May 3rd, 2024 10:29 am | By

Passive-aggressive bullshit alert:

“Nervous to share this” – what are we meant to conclude from that? That women who know men are not women are mean angry bullies and will say HARSH WORDS to her – so unlike men who never ever say anything harsh to women at all no matter what.

As for her question – the same as in “a female-only ward”? Of course not. Why would they? Does she think male-only wards don’t get lifesaving care? Does she think female-only wards rescue women from … Read the rest

We’ve noticed

May 3rd, 2024 10:08 am | By


Nicola Sturgeon warns of ‘push back’ on women’s rights and misogyny ‘on the rise again’

A significant chunk of the rise caused by…uh…Nicola Sturgeon.

Ms Sturgeon has previously come under fire from women’s rights campaigners for her support for trans rights, such as allowing trans women to access women-only spaces.

That is, she’s been sharply criticized by women’s rights campaigners for insisting that men who pretend to be women can intrude on women’s spaces and everything else that belongs to women. That’s not a “right”; it’s the nullification of a right.

Discussing the relevance of the new book, Ms Sturgeon: “Having gone through many years of what felt like progress, there seems to be push back again, women’s rights

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Promises promises

May 3rd, 2024 8:10 am | By

The stupidity of “India” Willoughby takes the breath away.

Before offering your opinion on the latest move by the government to improve the ‘NHS Charter’ – ask yourself this.

How would you feel if a woman you know, perhaps vulnerable, was forced into being treated in an all-male ward at a hospital. How would that woman feel?

Apparently he thinks men are the only people who know how to read. We who are reading this thing he has written must be men, so the way to get us to think about the issue is to present a hypothetical about a woman we know. It doesn’t occur to him to ask us how we would feel, because it doesn’t occur to … Read the rest


May 3rd, 2024 7:33 am | By

Update: I started in medias res here, thinking I’d already shared the origin story, but I must have been to busy swearing about it on twidder. It was this:


It’s even worse than that. The actor who plays Viola, Georgia Frost, is one of the trio who went to JK Rowling’s house and then publicized their visit with the (obviously intended) result that her … Read the rest

So far beneath

May 3rd, 2024 6:55 am | By

Now look here, this won’t do at all, threatening people we don’t like with death by violence.

Oh rilly? say a great many people who remember when Kirsten Oswald MP beamed joyously in front of placards threatening death by violence.… Read the rest

False narratives is it?

May 2nd, 2024 2:31 pm | By

Concerned. Deeply concerned.

False narratives. Shall we talk about false narratives?

Let’s talk about the false narrative that people can change sex.

Let’s talk about the false narrative that people who feel discomfort or misery about being the sex they are should without question immediately start the process of pretending to be the other sex by taking cross-sex hormones and having drastic surgeries.

Let’s talk about the false narrative that people who warn against taking cross-sex … Read the rest


May 2nd, 2024 11:22 am | By

Vagueness instead of argument example #eleventy billion.

“support trans people”?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Gender skeptics don’t drop trans people or push them over or throw them off cliffs. We don’t not support trans people. What we do is decline to pretend to believe they are the sex they are not. That’s not some kind of opposite of “support.” It’s a refusal … Read the rest

It’s genderseason again

May 2nd, 2024 10:08 am | By

Pink News is cross because the profundities of a “non-binary person” were greeted with mirth rather than awed respect.

Dee Whitnell, who founded the #TransKidsDeserveToGrowUp solidarity campaign, released a YouTube video earlier this month in which they discussed how transgender people might find themselves “changing or exploring [their] expression or gender identity depending on the season”.

In the video, Whitnell talked about their own experiences with expression and how it changes throughout the year, as well as the concept of “genderseason” and how other trans folks might explore their expression.

In other words Dee Whitnell has noticed that people’s feelings are influenced by external factors like the weather, how early or late the sun sets, how they feel about wearing … Read the rest

Nursing famlee unner the rainbo

May 2nd, 2024 7:09 am | By

La Leche League doing a quiet brag about how inclooosive its policies are.

Replies are closed. Quote-tweets are scathing.… Read the rest