Selfish women hogging all the menstruation

I saw this

and rolled my eyes and moved on, but later decided to see if I could find more and whaddya know, the whole thing is there for the reading.

Shall we sample? Let’s.

Page 1:

Menstruation is defined as “the monthly shedding of the lining of [the] uterus”
(Cleveland Clinic, 2019, para. 2). Although menstruation is often considered in the
context of the experiences of cisgender women (Brantelid et al., 2014; DeMaria et al.,
2020; Donmall, 2013; Jackson & Falmagne, 2013; Mason et al., 2013), many scholars
have begun to critique the idea of menstruation as an experience unique to women and a
mark of womanhood.

Menstruation is defined as that but it also is that. People who’ve done it can confirm. (They’re all women, by the way.) Knowing what menstruation is isn’t just a matter of looking in the dictionary. It’s not a word like “affable” or “landscape” or “confusion.” Just for one thing, it’s part of a process that results in all of us. Without it none of these fucking fools would be here gurgling about the definition of menstruation and none of us would be here wanting to smack them.

No real scholars “have begun to critique the idea of menstruation as an experience unique to women.” It’s too stupid. Scholars would spot that right off. Even scholars in astrophysics or church history would.

It’s not an “idea” that only women menstruate. It’s reality. People didn’t sit around and dream it up; it’s reality.

But this pile of tripe is for a degree of Master of Arts, so I guess respect for truth has no role. Make no mistake though: this is ridiculous contemptible childish garbage. A university that takes it seriously should close its doors.

Scholars have promoted a more feminist and gender-inclusive conceptualization of menstruation and have acknowledged that not all women menstruate and not all who menstruate are women.

It’s not a club. It’s not a party. It’s not a class outing to the botanical gardens. It’s part of a biological process essential for making new humans. It doesn’t need to be “inclusive” and it can’t be. Trying to be more “inclusive” about it is pointless and absurd and childish.

Page 2 is just as stupid. I stopped reading there.

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