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Ah look at the mask come off. What a surprise.

But “putrid cunt” is totally a term of endearment in Scotland.

Little more than a pressure group

Mar 7th, 2024 11:09 am | By

While the mainstream meeja carefully ignore the WPATH files, Malcolm Clark at The Critic underlines some items.

No organisation has played a greater role in the adoption of the pseudo-science of so-called “gender affirming healthcare” globally than the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. That’s why this week’s release of leaked discussions between some of its leading figures suggesting possible medical malpractice could prove a pivotal moment in the Gender Wars. It’s been a long time coming.

The truth is WPATH is little more than a pressure group made up of a mixture of saucer-eyed trans activists and self-professed experts in disciplines like endocrinology, psychiatry and surgery. “Experts” who just happen to pocket huge profits from the mutilation and sterilisation of deluded people who are convinced they were born in the wrong body. 

Speaking of deluded people who are convinced they were born in the wrong body, I have to wonder how many of those people now become thus convinced precisely because there is such a fad for talking about and flattering and promoting deluded people who are convinced they were born in the wrong body. “Listen up kids, you too could be an influencer like Dylan Mulvaney, step right up and become a girlier girl than any of the girls you know!”

Yet by a combination of external bullying and internal feeble-mindedness, some of the world’s top medical authorities from the BMA to the American American Academy of Pediatrics have given WPATH the stamp of approval, citing its regularly updated Ethical Guidelines and Standards of Care as clinical best practice

Once even the NHS was happy to genuflect to the organisation. No longer. The revelation that the latest version of the Standards of Care (SOC8) included a new chapter asserting that being a eunuch is a gender identity has led the NHS to distance itself from WPATH.

Ok NHS so now go the rest of the way: grasp the fact that a “gender identity” is a silly concept and not something to aspire to.

The leaked documents from WPATH’s own private message forum and a video recording of an internal panel discussion were released by the noted journalist and whistle blower Michael Shellenberger and his team at the campaign group Environmental Progress. The WPATH Files, as they’ve been dubbed, were refreshingly light on castration porn but when it came to medical ethics were almost as jaw-dropping.

Clinicians were revealed to be allowing adolescents to dictate their own treatment plans such as hormone dosage despite the fact they knew these kids had no clear goals and often changed their minds. Girls were effectively being encouraged to masculinise their bodies and boys feminise them in real-time experiments, even though cross-sex hormones have powerful effects on emotions and states of mind meaning these patients risked being trapped in a pharmaceutical maelstrom.

You have to wonder how much of this was genuine trying to help the adolescents and how much was a sly unacknowledged research program. Try it and see what happens, eh what?

That was nothing compared to the fact that some young people were diagnosed as psychotic. In one discussion clinicians considered how to gain consent for life-changing surgery from a teenager with multiple personalities. The multiple personalities could not agree. Nor could the clinicians who weighed in with suggestions. With this level of unethical behaviour perhaps it’s unsurprising WPATH doctors dismissed concerns about regret for genital surgery as “part of the journey” and promoted treatments to parents as a way to lessen the risk of their youngster’s suicide despite two recent studies in Denmark and Sweden suggesting suicide can be up to 7 times higher among those who undergo “gender affirmation surgery” than the general population. 

Um. Let’s avoid the risk of suicide by doing something that makes suicide much more likely.

Yo, BBC, NY Times, New Yorker – any interest? Hello?

Quick, distract them

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Quick, distract them

Consult Google News on “Samantha Hudson” and you get headlines like

Nasty right-wingers, they just won’t let a nice trans laydee “influencer” alone.

The BBC is all concern:

The company that makes Doritos cut ties with a transgender influencer after reports she posted about violence and paedophilia. Samantha Hudson, a singer and actor from Spain, has around 370,000 Instagram followers and was part of a social media campaign for the brand.

In a statement Doritos condemned Hudson’s social media posts. But its short-lived campaign led to calls, led by right-wing activists in the US, to boycott the snack food.

I hope you’ve understood which parts of this story are important – that the transgender influencer is a “she” and that the whole issue is the fault of right-wing activists.

Jenna Ellis, who was part of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign legal team and who recently pleaded guilty in connection with an election interference case in Georgia, tweeted: “This is disgusting. Give Doritos the Bud Light treatment.”

Ahhh there you go. Thank god they found that; now we can ignore the whole thing, right? Jenna Ellis disapproves therefore obviously this “influencer” fella is as wholesome as tortilla chips.

Also [whispers] don’t mention the WPATH files.


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Gosh it seems like only last week the media were all over that story about the “woman” who murdered a man in Oxford, but apparently the reckless mutilation of children isn’t newsworthy?

National papers:






@DailyMirror London:


@MetroUK Regional:




@LivEchonews (and all the others!) Scotland:




@pressjournal Wales and NI:



@BelTel Even if journalists don’t approve of the findings of the WPATH Files, they surely have a responsibility not to pretend it hasn’t happened!

You first, no you, no you…

How are the rules made?

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“Well we just spoke to Maya Forstater from Sex Matters about the row between JK Rowling and the trans journalist India Willoughby”

Hahaha yes very good, trans journalist indeed. I wish newsreaders would learn how to pronounce Rowling though – rhymes with bowling not howling.

“and judging by iron box [???] our inbox a lot of people at home think that you’re a bit ridiculous on this issue Tom.”

Tom of course jumps to explain how he’s not at all ridiculous but in fact the only reasonable person talking about it. He thinks there are crazy people on either side of the issue, and that it’s rude and wrong not to call people “she” if they want to be called “she.”

Ok why? Why is that a rule of manners or etiquette or political virtue? Is it a general rule? If someone wants to be called Admiral (but is not an actual admiral) is it rude and wrong to fail to oblige? If a criminal defendant wants to be called “Your Honor” in court is it rude to ignore the demand?

Not that I know of. It’s not a general rule, or a generalizable rule, so why is it a rule when it comes to “gender”?

I don’t know the answer to that question. We’re relentlessly and noisily told it is a rule, but I don’t know why, and I don’t really understand how the new and peculiar “rule” about it got so entrenched so fast.

Love the blouse

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Love the blouse

Well what do you know – a homemade tv news hobby that operates out of someone’s bedroom invited both “India” Willoughby and JK Rowling to do an interview and for some massively perplexing reason only Indier accepted.

The hobbyists are very excited to have coaxed Willz to take part – they call the result EXCLUSIVE. Hahaha that’s cute guys (something tells me they’re guys) but of course it’s exclusive. Nobody cares what Willoughby thinks.


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Blither blither blither.

Fairfax School District Sued for Allowing Transgender Students into Girls’ Restrooms, Locker Rooms

As usual, the wording misses the point. The issue isn’t trans students in girls’ restrooms, it’s male students in girls’ restrooms. The problem isn’t being trans in girls’ facilities, the problem is being male there.

The plaintiff is an anonymous female student who has been enrolled in the Fairfax school district since the third grade. Because of her deeply held Roman Catholic beliefs, she doesn’t support the rule and feels that its requirement to use preferred pronouns “forces her to lie,” the filing states.

It’s got nothing to do with Catholic beliefs, deeply held or otherwise. The Catholic church is no friend to women.

FCPS adopted the first version of Regulation 2603, entitled “Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students,” in October 2020. It was later updated in April 2022.

Under these guidelines, students must take the “Student Rights and Responsibilities” test. One of the questions asks whether “a student has the right to be called by their chosen name and pronoun,” according to a copy of the form.

No. That’s a stupid idea of a “right.” If a student’s chosen name is “Donald Trump” does that student have the right to be called “Donald Trump”? And pronouns aren’t a matter of choice any more than verbs or nouns are. You can call a dog a basketball if you want to, but your conversations will be unduly complicated. Language conventions aren’t generally a matter of “rights” but of mutual comprehension.

Deep hatred of women chapter 7 billion

Mar 6th, 2024 7:39 am | By

What a horrible man. Not James, obviously; the other fella (who has me blocked).

Oh the poor poor poor wee young man, won’t somebody PLEASE think of the darling tiny bashful sad shy trembling delicate vulnerable quivering feeble dainty sensitive young man who smashed an older woman’s eye socket? Won’t somebody also PLEASE ignore the violent repeated punching of the older woman in order to focus all concern and compassion on the tiny delicate little man who punched her hard in the face three times?

Kelvin Morgan, whoever he is, is a very bad man.

Be less excited

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Another terrible idea makes its bashful debut.

Replies are closed. Quote retweets are scathing.

Shine a light

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James Esses goes undercover on a British Psychological Society webinar:

The purpose of the webinar was to “shine a light on the history of the LGBT+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare”.

Tricky, when there is no such “community.”

The webinar began with panellists’ thoughts on the current state of play regarding ‘trans healthcare’ in society. The audience were told that “LGBTQ people face huge medicalisation”. This statement was ironic, given that the BPS support puberty blockers, hormones and surgery for those with gender dysphoria – the very definition of ‘huge medicalisation’.

Nononono puberty blockers and the rest are trans healthcare, which is the very opposite of huge medicalisation.

…the most concerning statement of the session came from Dr Rob Agnew (remember, he is a Chair within the BPS).

Chair of the BPS Section of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity, that is, as Esses tells us in the intro.

Agnew began with what can only be described as a rant, claiming that we have allowed “socially sanctioned discrimination” from people who can “hide behind other protected characteristics”.

Oh, hide behind, is it. That’s what we’re doing. So much for feminism, amirite? Turns out it was just a ploy to enable us rude women to talk back to men when we know they’re smarter than we are.

I was particularly concerned to hear a recommendation from the panel that “WPATH psychologists should be recognised by NHS” and that “recognition and promotion of WPATH practices by BPS practitioners could likely benefit psychological treatments in the UK.”

This is the same WPATH recently under intense spotlight, following the publication of the ‘WPATH Files’, demonstrating that their clinicians are clearly aware of the serious damage that can be caused by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery, in the name of ‘gender affirmation’. This is the same WPATH which recommends breast and penis removal for children as young as 9 years old…

Nothing scary about that, no sir.

Another influencer down

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Gosh you don’t say.

Doritos has fired a transgender activist who appeared in one of its promotional videos after being alerted to her sickening old tweets, including one where she wrote about doing ‘depraved things’ to a 12-year-old.

Hello? Doritos? Are you new around here? What did you expect? Claiming to be trans is itself a warning flag. It doesn’t necessarily signal sexual abuse of children, but it does signal a narcissistic demand for attention. It does signal Trouble or Nuisance or Tiresome Dude Who Won’t Shut Up About Himself & Will Do Anything For Attention.

Also what’s with the fake “she” and “her”? Trans women are men; that’s what “trans” means.

Many took issue with the brand partnership and made reference to Bud Light’s disastrous partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney – which saw Budweiser lose $1.4 billion in sales as a result of a conservative boycott.

Oh well. Lie down with trans influencers, get up with a $1.4 billion loss.


Mar 5th, 2024 10:00 am | By

The journey not the arrival matters. How did this guy get to the conclusion he did?

The “foolish young man” Kelvin Morgan mentions here is the one who repeatedly smashed his fist into the eye socket of a woman decades older than he is, because he hates her views on sex and gender.

The young man is the perp here, and the woman with the smashed eye socket is the victim, but Mr Morgan’s worry and concern are all for the strong young man with the flying fists, as if he were frail and vulnerable.

I’ll never understand it.


Mar 5th, 2024 7:43 am | By

The Independent (once a real newspaper) being absurdly censorious about a woman calling a man a man:

JK Rowling is facing backlash again after deliberately misgendering trans activist India Willoughby.

Oh no, not backlash. How will she cope?

There’s no such thing as “misgendering.” It’s a made-up crime or error. India Willoughby is a man. He’s also a bully and a toad – why doesn’t the Indy report on that instead of hissing like a burst hot water pipe at women who refuse to obey his orders?

The Harry Potter author has faced repeated criticism in recent years over her views on transgender rights, saying previously that she would rather go to jail than refer to a trans person by their preferred pronouns.

Blar blar blar. Fools yammer at her, and for some strange reason she doesn’t give a shit.

On Sunday (3 March), Rowling shared a lengthy tirade against the idea of trans women being allowed in female locker rooms, writing: “When men – all men, however they identify – are banned from women’s spaces, those who disregard the ban can be challenged, inside the space and out.”

Tirade yourself, Indy. Lengthy yourself, Indy. Snotty tendentious wording noted and rejected with contumely.

Willoughby responded to Rowling’s comments on Monday, writing on X: “Genuinely disgusted by this. Grotesque transphobia, which is upsetting. I am every bit as much a woman as JK Rowling. Recognised in law, and by everyone I interact with every day. The debate about whether JK Rowling is a transphobe is over.”

But he’s not. MPs can pass all the laws they like saying men can be women, but it still won’t be true. Laws can’t change facts apart from facts about the laws.

Last week, Rowling hit out at Sky News for referring to murderer Scarlet Blake as a woman in its reporting.

No she didn’t. She said words; she didn’t hit anyone.

A controversial area of quackery

Mar 5th, 2024 6:54 am | By

Mostly Cloudy pointed us to The Economist on the WPATH files.

Leaked discussions reveal uncertainty about transgender care

Already we’re in the woods, because calling it “care” is tendentious.

The files shed light on a controversial area of medicine that has largely retreated into the shadows

A big stride farther into the woods, because it’s not really medicine as commonly understood. It’s more like tampering.

Few areas of medicine arouse as strong emotions in America as transgender care.

Not really medicine and not really care. Experimentation perhaps, stripped of most of the usual cautions.

It’s strange that such a reckless ideological pseudo-medical trend has even conservative publications like The Economist mouthing the jargon.

The publication this week of hundreds of posts from an internal messaging forum will add fuel to this fire. The files show members of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (wpath), an interdisciplinary professional and educational association devoted to the field, discussing how to treat patients.

The non-profit group that obtained and published the files, Environmental Progress, which pushes strong views on more than just the environment, claims that the documents reveal “widespread medical malpractice on children and vulnerable adults”. That claim is questionable. 

Well sure it is, but so is the claim that giving people cross-sex hormones and neo-genitalia is medical care.

But wpath standards of care have previously been cited by other medical organisations, particularly in America. The discussions of its members show that the provision of so-called gender-affirming care is riddled with far more doubt than wpath’s outward message that such interventions are “not considered experimental”.

And why is that? Because so many lunatics are so determined to make these horrifyingly drastic interventions seem normal and beneficial.

Based on the files, wpath has members who are worryingly dogmatic. But mostly the exchanges reveal a group of surgeons, social workers and therapists struggling with how best to serve patients. They debate the challenges of gaining informed consent for medical treatments from children and people with mental-health disorders.

Except, yet again, that the “medical treatments” are not medical treatments as commonly understood. They’re new and experimental and drastic. This fact matters.

Concerns about making irreversible changes to children’s bodies, and the impossibility of gaining their informed consent for this, have been at the heart of controversy over transgender medicine. In America 23 states have now restricted or banned such care for minors, even though almost all medical associations in America support it…

Which itself is bizarre.

The surgeon from California shares his website, which includes a menu of surgical options, and adds that he’s “quite comfortable tailoring my operations to serve the needs of each patient”. This attitude to surgical shopping is uniquely American. Pandering to it will not help gender medicine with its argument that it is medically necessary and non-experimental.

There you go. This is what I’m saying. It applies to the whole thing, not just to the surgeon from California.

wpath, and those arguing for gender-affirming care more broadly, have felt the need to present a level of certainty in an area of medicine full of uncertainty. Bringing frank discussion into the open will surely be healthy. 

And not assuming that it is a genuine “area of medicine” will also surely be healthy.

Embargoed until today

Mar 5th, 2024 3:11 am | By

So today there are the WPATH files.

Advocates of gender-affirming care say it’s evidence-based. But now, newly released internal files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) prove that the practice of transgender medicine is neither scientific nor medical. American Medical Association, The Endocrine Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and thousands of doctors worldwide rely on WPATH. It is considered the leading global authority on gender medicine. And yet WPATH’s internal files, which include written discussions and a video, reveal that its members know they are creating victims and not getting “informed consent.” Victims include a 10-year-old girl, a 13-year-old developmentally delayed adolescent, and individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses. The injuries described in the WPATH Files include sterilization, loss of sexual function, liver tumors, and death. WPATH members indicate repeatedly that they know that many children and their parents don’t understand the effects that puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries will have on their bodies. And yet, they continue to perform and advocate for gender medicine. The WPATH Files prove that gender medicine is comprised of unregulated and pseudoscientific experiments on children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults. It will go down as one of the worst medical scandals in history.

It’s always the internal files.

Guest post: Universally they took a one sided view

Mar 4th, 2024 4:45 pm | By

Originally a comment by Rob on By a reasonably clear margin.

For those who can’t access the Herald story, the StuffNZ version:

The man’s lawyer, Emma Priest, said this was a unique set of circumstances that would never be repeated by her client who has ADHD and autism and got caught up in the “frenzied Posie Parker protests”.

She said a conviction would be out of proportion to his offending and would result in difficulty in the young man gaining employment.

His ADHD and youth amplified his impulsivity that day. Priest said her client had taken responsibility, was truly remorseful and willing to engage in restorative justice – which was declined.

Since the offending, he has undertaken 180 hours of volunteer work at the Red Cross, completed the Man Alive programme and counselling sessions, Priest said. The man also offered to pay $1000 in reparation

IS ADHD, Autism, and youth and excuse for unprovoked assault on someone 45 years older than you? I don’t think so. If he’s truly remorseful and has undertaken substantial and appropriate community work to make amends – that is something that could be taken into account in sentencing. Community work would be a pretty typical sentence for a first offender of a ‘moderate’ assault. Even so, I think he has been very lucky indeed to have no conviction entered against his name. I also don’t think that he should have got name suppression. NZ Courts use this far too liberally in my view. They let him off, the least they could do is allow us all to decide how we interact with him in the future and evaluate his future behaviour.

Finally, much of that ‘frenzied atmosphere’ was whipped up by NZ media, especially Stuff. Collectively they ran many articles in the weeks leading up to PP’s visit. Universally they took a one sided view. Published untruths and did not correct them. Painted trans people as the most vulnerable ever whom of course we must all support, and painted PP and anyone who wanted to see her as the next best thing to a nazi hate group. Then they tsk tsk when the primed mob turns violent.

There were many complaints to the media ethics body following these events. The decision acknowledged that coverage had been very one sided, but said that coverage could be balanced over time. That of course has not happened.

Injury + insult=

Mar 4th, 2024 3:55 pm | By

Another turn of the screw, and another, and another…


That’s two men who are UN Women UK delegates and two women who are not UN Women UK delegates.

Les nouvelles=merde

Mar 4th, 2024 11:21 am | By
Les nouvelles=merde

And of course the Supreme Court has ruled – unanimously, albeit for different reasons – that the 14th Amendment doesn’t disqualify renowned insurrectionist Donald Trump. I can’t even be bothered to link to a source, because everything is so shit. Open season on women; the worst human on the planet still alive and still hell bent on breaking everything.

I need a picture of fluffy lambs or something.

Yes that will do.

By a reasonably clear margin

Mar 4th, 2024 11:06 am | By

That’s ok Sonny, we know you meant well. Get on with the rest of your life.

A young man who was filmed punching a 71-year-old woman in the head during the heated Posie Parker counter-protest in Auckland last year has been granted a discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression.

Because men matter and women don’t, you see.

Judge Glubb said the gravity of a conviction on the young man would be out of proportion to the seriousness of his offending.

He fractured her skull. With his fist. In her face.

In a victim impact statement, she told the court that since the assault, she had been unable to go out and interact with people. She could not sleep without taking medication and any noise caused her severe stress, she said. “The crime itself has had a huge impact on my general wellbeing,” she said.

“I’m satisfied by a reasonably clear margin a conviction would be out of all proportion to the gravity of the offence,” Judge [Kevin] Glubb said.

I’m honestly astounded that a judge would say that. He’s saying a man punching a woman in the face so hard that he fractures her skull is trivial.

Open season on women. Go ahead, boys, you’re allowed.

Quite all right lad

Mar 4th, 2024 10:47 am | By

Hell and damnation. The large young man who punched an elderly woman in the face and broke her eye socket in NZ last year has gotten away with it. He even gets to remain anonymous.

It’s just fucking open season on women, isn’t it.