Frightening realities

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China’s heatwave:

[T]he heat wave that baked China for weeks was startling in its scale, duration and intensity. Through July and August, it shattered temperature recordsdried up riverswithered cropssparked wildfires and caused deaths from heatstroke. It may have been the most severe heat wave ever recorded.

And it laid bare frightening realities about how humanity is expected to adapt.

With temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, electricity usage soared as hundreds of millions of Chinese switched on air-conditioners. But where was that power supposed to come from? Severe drought had dried up the rivers on which the country depends for much of its clean hydroelectricity, crippling output.

This forced China, which pumps more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than any other nation, to double down on carbon-belching coal to make up the power shortfall. The heat wave had created a vicious cycle that, if replicated across the globe during future extreme weather events, will deeply complicate efforts to combat some of the worst effects of climate change.

“Complicate” looks like a euphemism there. Burning more coal doesn’t so much “complicate” efforts to fight climate change as it renders them useless.

We drove through normally verdant farmland toward Sichuan’s provincial capital, Chengdu, passing miles of withered cornfields and bumper-to-bumper traffic that flowed in the opposite direction toward the mountains. With hydropower output crippled, the authorities had imposed power-saving blackouts that closed businesses and rendered air-conditioners useless. People were fleeing to higher, cooler ground.

Chengdu wasn’t the only place. At least 262 weather stations nationwide tied or set heat records, and rivers that are important arteries for shipping and transportation became unnavigable. Water levels in the Yangtze, the world’s third-longest river, hit record lows, dropping as much as 20 feet below recent averages.

The Chinese government has now warned that the autumn harvest is at risk, prompting fears that increased demands for food imports could exacerbate a global food crisis. And ominously, the power crunch caused by the heat wave has given rise to calls for China to slow down its transition from coal to renewable energy in order to keep the economy running.

Not good.

Special guest

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How did I miss this?? Republicans cheering Viktor Orban:

All you need to know about the state of the Republican Party today is what happened at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Thursday [last month]. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been destroying his country’s democracy, received a standing ovation less than two weeks after he gave a speech in Romania in which he endorsed the white supremacist “replacement theory” and denounced a “mixed-race world.”

Texas Monthly has more:

Last month, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán traveled to Romania to deliver a fiery speech denouncing the “mixing” of European and non-European peoples. “We [Hungarians] are not a mixed race . . . and we do not want to become a mixed race,” Orbán told his audience. Countries that accepted race-mixing, he said, were “no longer nations; they are nothing more than a conglomeration of peoples.” The next day, one of Orbán’s longest-serving advisers resigned, calling the address a “pure Nazi speech” that was “worthy of Goebbels.” 

On Thursday, in Dallas, Orbán received a standing ovation at the semiannual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), America’s most important right-wing political event. He spent much of his speech defending his vision of a “zero-migration” country defined by ethnic homogeneity and Judeo-Christian values. “The globalists can all go to hell,” he declared to an audience of several thousand activists. “I have come to Texas.” 

Yeah boy there’s nothing more valuable than “ethnic homogeneity.” It’s like…I dunno…cookies. You got your chocolate chip cookies and your ginger cookies and you don’t want to go mixing them because they wouldn’t taste good. Humans are exactly like that. Mixing is yuck.

He had come to the right place. Speaking at CPAC on the same day as Orbán, Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick echoed the Hungarian leader’s Christian nationalist rhetoric. “The framers did not write the Constitution,” Patrick asserted, “God wrote the Constitution. We are a Christian nation.”

I’m pretty sure he’s wrong on the facts there. I’m pretty sure we know exactly what guys wrote the Constitution, and that they were particular 18th century guys as opposed to being “God.” Also by the way there is no such person as “God” and there are no books or documents or shopping lists written by “God,” because of the whole no such person thing.

Viktor Orban. Honestly.

The amount that’s already occurred

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More on this we’re definitely going to pass a lot of tipping points story today:

The drought- and flood-stricken summer of 2022 has shown the impact of 1.1° Celsius of global warming — the amount that’s already occurred since pre-industrial times. Now a major scientific reassessment finds that several critical planetary systems are at risk of breaking beyond repair even if nations restrain warming to 1.5°C, the lower threshold stipulated by the Paris Agreement. 

At that level of warming, coral reefs may die off, ice sheets in Greenland and the West Antarctic may melt and permafrost may abruptly thaw, according to a new paper in the journal Science

Which will cause a whole lot more critical planetary systems to break beyond repair.

At about 1.5°C some tipping points may be reached, including for the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, accelerated thawing of boreal permafrost, and die-off of tropical coral reefs. But the authors “cannot rule out” that ice-sheet tipping points have already been passed and that some other tipping elements have minimum thresholds in range of 1.1°C to 1.5°C of warming. 

“Our assessment provides strong scientific evidence for urgent action to mitigate climate change,” the scientists write in a summary. “We show that even the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to well below 2°C and preferably 1.5°C is not safe as 1.5°C and above risks crossing multiple tipping points [CTPs]. Crossing these CTPs can generate positive feedbacks that increase the likelihood of crossing other CTPs.”

Meanwhile we do nothing. We can’t. We didn’t evolve to do the kind of thing that needs to be done.

Culture warrior

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Dirt dirt and more dirt. Ginni Thomas is in it up to her neck.

Ginni Thomas, the self-styled “culture warrior” and extreme rightwing activist, has links to more than half of the anti-abortion groups and individuals who lobbied her husband Clarence Thomas and his fellow US supreme court justices ahead of their historic decision to eradicate a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

A new analysis of the written legal arguments, or “amicus briefs”, used to lobby the justices as they deliberated over abortion underlines the extent to which Clarence Thomas’s wife was intertwined with this vast pressure campaign.

On the one hand, we’ve got the left zealously campaigning to destroy women’s rights via “trans rights,” and on the other hand we’ve got the right doing it via “rights of the unborn.”

“The Thomases are normalizing the prospect of too close an association between the supreme court and those who litigate before it,” said Melissa Murray, a law professor at New York University and co-host of the Strict Scrutiny podcast. “This isn’t the first time that Mrs Thomas has had dealings with those who come before the court and seek her husband’s vote.”

Dirty pool.


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The tipping points aren’t in the future.

The climate crisis has driven the world to the brink of multiple “disastrous” tipping points, according to a major study.

Or not to the brink but over it.

It shows five dangerous tipping points may already have been passed due to the 1.1C of global heating caused by humanity to date.

These include the collapse of Greenland’s ice cap, eventually producing a huge sea level rise, the collapse of a key current in the north Atlantic, disrupting rain upon which billions of people depend for food, and an abrupt melting of carbon-rich permafrost.

But we will continue to do nothing about it.

Mermaids and the fox killer

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On the calendar today:

A judge will consider an appeal by the trans rights charity Mermaids on Friday against the Charity Commission’s decision to award charitable status to the new gay rights organisation LGB Alliance. It is understood to be the first time one charity has attempted to strip legal status from another.

The highly unusual hearing will focus attention on increasingly fractious debates over sex and gender identity, and the legal definitions of same-sex attraction and sexual orientation.

I for one hope it will also focus attention on what people mean when they talk about “rights” without ever defining them. What does it mean to call Mermaids “the trans rights charity” as Amelia Gentleman does in the first paragraph? What are “trans rights”? We’re never told. Journalists mention them but never define them.

Mermaids, which supports transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse children and their families, launched an appeal last year against the Charity Commission’s grant of charitable status to the LGB Alliance. It argued that the group was set up primarily to lobby the government to restrict the legal rights afforded to transgender people.

What are trans children? What are nonbinary children? What are gender diverse children? What are we talking about? What are the legal rights afforded to transgender people that the LGB Alliance is supposed to be lobbying to restrict? How are we supposed to be able to understand and have an informed opinion on this subject when it is so drastically and absurdly undefined?

Perhaps we get a little bit of definition in this bit:

The legal discussion will set the LGB Alliance’s position that there are only two sexes and that gender is a social construct against Mermaids’ position that transgender people’s gender identity should be affirmed.

A little bit, because what does “transgender people’s gender identity should be affirmed” mean?

The problem is, as always, that the underlying ideology is absurd, which may be why it never gets spelled out in reporting. What are “transgender people”? People who have a socially encouraged delusion that they’re not the sex they are. What is “gender identity”? The delusion that one is not the sex one is. What does it mean to “affirm gender identity”? To encourage people in a delusion.

I wonder if it will spread to other categories. Perhaps people will start to say they identify as cars, apples, rabbits, planets, and there will be new vocabularies for all these new delusions, and new claims of “rights” and “affirmation” for all of them.

Mermaids’ legal papers also claim that LGB Alliance has campaigned to stop Mermaids from advising schools and other government bodies on transgender rights.

But what are “transgender rights”? Are they genuine rights? How do we know? Do they conflict with existing rights? How do we know? How can we figure all this out when the core ideology is protected from having to explain itself?

In its preliminary submissions, LGB Alliance sets out its position that same-sex attraction should be defined by biological sex (male or female) not by gender identity, at a time when many mainstream charities have shifted to a different definition of same sex-attraction, based on attraction to someone’s gender or gender identity, rather than someone’s biological sex. It says it was founded in part to disrupt a narrative that critics of Stonewall were homophobic.

What an incoherent idea that is – “many mainstream charities have shifted to a different definition of same sex-attraction, based on attraction to someone’s gender or gender identity, rather than someone’s biological sex.” So in other words gender or gender identity is the opposite of someone’s sex? So many mainstream charities are defining same-sex attraction as not same-sex attraction?

The idea is, I suppose, that most people’s “gender identity” matches their sex, so gender ideology isn’t really throwing lesbian and gay rights out the window, it’s just driving a big truck through them. Somehow I don’t find that very reassuring.

Senate candidate tells voters to fuck off

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Dems tie themselves The left ties itself to the mast as the bow of the ship points down.

Actually there are a lot of reasons to say anything else. About 4 billion or so.

Why would a woman be a person who identifies as an adult female? That’s not a general rule, after all. A pilot is a person who identifies as a pilot. No, and you’d better hope the one flying the plane you’re on isn’t the Identifies-as kind. An elephant is a mammal who identifies as an elephant. No, that’s not right; they identify as Cary Grant. A man is a person who identifies as an adult male. No, that can’t be right, because if it were, women couldn’t be kept out of so many institutions and jobs.

Bannon charged

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Steve Bannon indicted.

Top former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has been charged in New York with money laundering, conspiracy and scheme to defraud in connection with his role in a fundraising effort to privately underwrite the construction of the US-Mexico border wall, according to the indictment unsealed on Thursday.

Bannon is facing charges that he siphoned off more than $1m from the “We Build the Wall” fundraising effort that promised to send all proceeds towards underwriting the completion of the US-Mexico border wall to enrich himself and his associates, the 22-page indictment said.

Bannon never went to trial after he received a presidential pardon from Donald Trump that expunged the federal charges. But pardons do not apply to state-level prosecutions and the New York state charges mark significant legal peril for the architect of Trump’s 2016 election win.

I sincerely hope so.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office started examining whether to pursue a case against Bannon almost immediately after he received the pardon, one source with knowledge of the matter said, and several close Bannon allies recently received subpoenas to testify before a grand jury.

That office opened its case armed with the knowledge that two others – Kolfage and Badolato – had pleaded guilty to the August 2020 federal case, and that Kolfage had admitted to the judge that he had conspired to illegally receive money from donations made to the project.

Also isn’t accepting a pardon seen as admission of guilt? Don’t some people turn them down for that reason?

“Defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors, capitalizing on their interest in funding a border wall to raise millions of dollars, under the false pretense that all of that money would be spent on construction,” Audrey Strauss, the US attorney in Manhattan, said at the time.

Spent on construction of a spiteful racist wall. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the donors, I gotta say.


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California is burning again.

Firefighters in California struggled on Thursday to gain control of major wildfires that have grown explosively and forced extensive evacuations amid a searing heatwave.

The deadly and destructive Fairview fire in southern California expanded in two directions, covering more than 30 sq miles (78 sq km) of Riverside county. It was just 5% contained.

In the Sierra Nevada, the Mosquito fire had scorched nearly 9 sq miles (23 sq km), forcing evacuations in Placer and El Dorado counties.

California’s a big state, bigger than many countries, but still, multiple huge fires=problem.

There’s another one in the San Bernardino mountains east of LA.

Guest post: How the Mysteries are dealt with

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Originally a comment by Mike Haubrich on You’re never too young.

“With this gender fluid identity, within a day, you can easily experience three, four, or five different gender expressions … and that can end with people using different names or pronouns,” Laurence says.

Bonsai responds by claiming that “my gender changes from time to time,” and claims that her “identity had been very mixed up in high school.”

“I came out at first [and] thought I was a lesbian. Then, I went to [bisexual] … and then I started to question my identity. Who am I? I can’t explain it … and I’ve totally accepted it at this point,” Bonsai says.

She can’t explain it, but she’s totally accepted it at this point. And that’s precisely how the Mysteries of Catholic teaching are dealt with, too. I think that the biggest favor I gave my oldest daughter was to put her in a Catholic school at a critical age, when she still questioned what she was being taught. When she encountered the Mysteries such as transsubstantiation, the trinity, the virgin birth and all the concepts Catholics are supposed to accept without explanation, she realized how much of religion is based on acceptance without the demand for explanation let alone evidence.

I would love for one of the genderfluid to describe what it actually is to go through three or four gender changes per day, and this one with separate names and pronouns to go along with them. How do they keep track, let alone how do they expect those around them to know which pronoun or name they are going by momentarily? It’s a Mystery (and the word Mystery is always pronounced with a capital M.)

We’re expected to believe that gender identity is a property of our selves that we are born with and is so important that if it doesn’t match our sex, then the poor soul must be accommodated with the mutilation and disfiguration of their body so that they look like the sex that matches their gender ID, while at the same time, some of the blessed are experiencing multiple gender ID’s per DAY.

No one’s really thinking this through, are they?

And, if this is so natural and fantastic, why must teachers hide it from the parents? You would think they would be overjoyed!

Sermons in schools

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They’re all wrong. Everybody here is wrong. Disband and start over.

A chaplain was deemed a risk to children by his Church of England diocese for defending the right to question school LGBT policies, it has emerged.

The Rev Dr Bernard Randall, 49, is suing the Bishop of Derby and Trent College over alleged religious discrimination after he was sacked by the fee-paying school and reported to terrorism watchdogs.

But why was a school employing “a chaplain” in the first place?

The Rev Dr Randall was appointed in 2015 to provide pastoral care, share the Christian faith and lead services in Trent School’s chapel.

There’s part of your problem. Schools shouldn’t have “chaplains.” Religious schools shouldn’t exist, because religion and education don’t mix. Education is a secular activity, and needs to be a secular activity.

In a sermon, delivered in June 2019 after students at the school in Derbyshire questioned the school’s new policy on sexual orientation diversity, The Rev Dr Randall outlined the Church’s view of marriage as being between a man and a woman. He was subsequently sacked in August 2019.

There shouldn’t be sermons in schools. That would solve this particular problem without further ado.

Trump bewails the perverts and lowlifes

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Trump bewails the perverts and lowlifes

Oh no, now Trump has fallen out with…Fox News.

The Lincoln Project is amused.

Probe widens, net tightens

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Interesting. There’s a grand jury investigating what lead to the January 6 insurrection, and it has now “expanded its probe to include seeking information about Trump’s leadership PAC, Save America.”

It’s kind of as if you can’t investigate anything about Trump without uncovering new dirt that leads to more new dirt repeat ad infinitum.

The interest in the fundraising arm came to light as part of grand jury subpoenas seeking documents, records and testimony from potential witnesses, the sources said.

The subpoenas, sent to several individuals in recent weeks, are specifically seeking to understand the timeline of Save America’s formation, the organization’s fundraising activities, and how money is both received and spent by the Trump-aligned PAC.

Fraudulently, that’s how.

Trump and his allies have consistently pushed supporters to donate to the PAC, often using false claims about the 2020 election and soliciting donations to rebuke the multiple investigations into the former president, his business dealings, and his actions on Jan. 6.

“I am a criminal so send me all your money so that I can wriggle out of any consequences!!!”

After the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month, Save America PAC sent out a fundraising email in which Trump urged supporters to “rush in a donation IMMEDIATELY to publicly stand with me against this NEVERENDING WITCH HUNT.”

Blah blah blah SEND ME MONEY blah blah blah.


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Hottest summer on record in Europe:

A series of extreme heatwaves and a long running drought saw June, July and August shatter the previous high mark for temperature.

“An intense series of heatwaves across Europe paired with unusually dry conditions, have led to a summer of extremes with records in terms of temperature, drought and fire activity in many parts of Europe, affecting society and nature in various ways,” said Freja Vamborg, a senior scientist with the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

It’s the new normal, and the newer normal will be even worse.

You’re never too young

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Genevieve Gluck at Reduxx:

A video of a young trans-identified teenager is sparking controversy on social media for depicting a 13-year-old dressed in provocative, sexualized clothing as part of an official promotional video for the gender clinic at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The child, identified as ‘Jupiter,’ uses they/them pronouns and can be seen speaking with a clinician named Natalia, who asks how adults, and parents in particular, can be more accepting of “gender diversity” and develop an “inclusive environment” for trans children.

“I think that one thing that should be explained to a lot of people is that you’re never too young to know about this kind of stuff,” Jupiter says, referring to gender identity.

“I feel like it’s something that people should be taught especially at a young age because it’s easier to learn that way, and that way it’s something you’ve always known.”

Why yes, that is how that works. It’s good to teach children to read early, and to expose them to a second language early, because then it’s something they’ve always known.

On the other hand when it’s a matter of pure unadulterated bullshit, it’s not such a good idea to start them early so that it becomes something they’ve always known. It’s not true, so it’s not something you want them to absorb that way. Always knowing something that isn’t true is not desirable.

Also why is that child dressed like a juvenile “sex worker”?

Read the whole thing. It’s a horror show.


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Since we’ve been talking about Critical Race Theory, let’s talk about Parchman Farm.

After the Civil War, the South’s economy, government, and infrastructure were left in compete shambles. Desperate to restore the previous economic and social order and to control the freedom of newly emancipated African Americans, Southern states adopted criminal statutes, collectively known as “Black Codes,” that sought to reproduce the conditions of slavery. These laws are also commonly known as Jim Crow laws.

“The plantation owners, as best they could, wanted Blacks to return to the same place as they had been as slaves,” according to historian David Oshinsky, author of Worse Than Slavery: Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice.

In addition to denying Black people the right to vote, serve on juries, and testify against white people, [the Jim Crow laws meant that] African Americans could be arrested en masse for minor “offenses” such as vagrancy, mischief, loitering, breaking curfew, insulting gestures, cruel treatment to animals, keeping firearms, cohabiting with white people, and not carrying proof of employment — actions which were not considered criminal when done by white people.

And some of which could simply be made up, i.e. fictional, i.e. lies. White people could just claim a black person “loitered” or committed “mischief” or broke “curfew” [and why tf were they subject to curfew anyway?], and no evidence or other confirmation would be required. It was a fabulous way to get some free labor.

While the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, it carved out a loophole that allowed for the exploitation of incarcerated people, who were then and now, disproportionately Black.

And that wasn’t just how things played out because racism; it was a deliberate, calculated way to get around the 13th Amendment.

The amendment abolished slavery and involuntary [servitude], “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” Prisoners — men, women, and hundreds of children as young as 6 or 7 — were then leased to private farmers and business owners who’d previously depended on cheap labor supplied by slaves. By 1880 “at least 1 convict in 4 was an adolescent or a child — a percentage that did not diminish over time,” according to Oshinsky.

All white people had to do was “duly convict” black people of something or other and hey presto there was your slave, but this time with no large capital investment required. It was a recipe for genocide. If your convict died of overwork you just summoned a new one.

The system was synonymous with violence and brutality, a murderous industry considered “slavery by another name.” In 1882, for instance, nearly 1 in 6 Black prisoners died because, unlike under chattel slavery, lessees had little incentive to safeguard the lives of prisoners. “Different from chattel slavery, ‘It is to be supposed that sub-lessees [take] convicts for the purpose of making money out of them,’ wrote a prison doctor, ‘so naturally, the less food and clothing used and the more labor derived from their bodies, the more money in the pockets of the sub-lessee’,” Oshinsky wrote.

Working prisoners to literal death was so commonplace that “not a single leased convict ever lived long enough to serve a sentence of ten years or more,” he wrote.

Due to shifts in the political and economic landscapes, prisoner leasing faded in the early 20th century, but in its place rose Parchman Farm in Mississippi, Angola prison in Louisiana, and hundreds of other county camps — prisons that used racial oppression to create a supply of forced labor.

In Worse Than Slavery, Oshinsky chronicles the history of Parchman Farm, which he describes as “the quintessential penal farm, the closest thing to slavery that survived the civil war.” People incarcerated there labored sunup to sundown, sometimes 15 hours a day in 100 degrees Fahrenheit, on Parchman’s 20,000-acre plantation, planting, picking cotton, and plowing fields under the control of armed guards.

“Convicts dropped from exhaustion, pneumonia, malaria, frostbite, consumption, sunstroke, dysentery, gunshot wounds, and ‘shackle poisoning’ (the constant rubbing of chains and leg irons against bare flesh),” Oshinsky wrote.

For the state of Mississippi, Parchman was “a giant money machine: profitable, self-sufficient and secure,” Oshinsky observed. By the end of its second year of operation, Parchman earned $185,000 for the state of Mississippi, the modern-day equivalent of roughly $5 million. For those imprisoned at Parchman — 90% of whom were Black, it was legalized torture. Inmates were whipped into submission by a “leather strap, three-feet-long and six-inches-wide, known as ‘Black Annie,’ which hung from the driver’s belt.”

Is all this common knowledge? Is it taught in all the schools? I don’t think so.

Guest post: There are facts, and there are perspectives

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Originally a comment by Mike Haubrich on Ask the consultants.

I stlll have the opinion that schools should be teaching students how to analyze competing claims critically rather than shoveling facts at them. Yes, they need to have a grounding of relatively solidly established facts. But they also need to have a Zinn/Loewen style understanding of how to find perspective in the way that history is taught, so that the Charge up San Juan Hill is understood in context, or why the Phillipines were denied their independence by the United States due to realpolitik concerns and their strategic location.

Students should be encouraged to understand why there were riots following George Floyd’s murder, and what is the relationship between the governments of St. Paul and Minneapolis to African-Americans or to the way that metropolitans areas in general have moved school districts, redlined, built freeways through certain neighborhoods, in order to favor one race or another. If all they learn is about the Shining City on the Hill they are going to end up posting “Those people are just destroying their own neighborhoods” when they unfriend me on Facebook.

There are facts, and there are perspectives, and the perspectives do mean that people can look at the same set of facts and still logically come to different conclusions about the meaning of those facts. That’s not post-modernism, that is observable truth. When it comes to teaching civics, our pupils need to learn what other perspectives are so that they don’t perpetuate misunderstandings.

99 bottles of piss on the wall

Sep 7th, 2022 11:21 am | By

It’s only gender conservative dullards who don’t consider it art to pour urine around in public spaces.

Speaking of what kind of people don’t get what, I think maybe Alex Sharpe isn’t all that attuned to the labor of cleaning up urine. I think maybe Alex Sharpe has never had to mop any up.

Changing the game

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The Guardian says today’s news about the nuclear secrets is a game-changer.

The reported discovery of information about a foreign nation’s nuclear secrets in materials found at Donald Trump’s private residence is horrifying intelligence experts.

Shawn Turner, former director of communications for US national intelligence, was searing in his criticism during an interview Wednesday on CNN’s New Day:

The fact we now know there were highly classified, restricted access documents about another country’s nuclear defense capabilities stored at Mar-a-Lago is a gamechanger with regard to the risk it poses to our national security.

The bottom line is others are going to look at this information and determine what we know and don’t know, and they’re going to make decisions about their nuclear programs based on that information. And that is an extremely dangerous thing.

But her emails.

So closely guarded

Sep 7th, 2022 10:04 am | By

Among the classified documents Trump stole:

A document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents who searched former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and private club last month, according to people familiar with the matter, underscoring concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about classified material stashed in the Florida property.

Some of the seized documents detail top-secret U.S. operations so closely guarded that many senior national security officials are kept in the dark about them. Only the president, some members of his Cabinet or a near-Cabinet-level official could authorize other government officials to know details of these special-access programs, according to people familiar with the search, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive details of an ongoing investigation.

Documents about such highly classified operations require special clearances on a need-to-know basis, not just top-secret clearance. Some special-access programs can have as few as a couple dozen government personnel authorized to know of an operation’s existence. Records that deal with such programs are kept under lock and key, almost always in a secure compartmented information facility, with a designated control officer to keep careful tabs on their location.

Not lying around in the “office” of a golf resort.

Investigators grew alarmed, according to one person familiar with the search, as they began to review documents retrieved from the club’s storage closet, Trump’s residence and his office in August. The team soon came upon records that are extremely restricted, so much so that even some of the senior-most national security officials in the Biden administration weren’t authorized to review them. One government filing alluded to this information when it noted that counterintelligence FBI agents and prosecutors investigating the Mar-a-Lago documents were not authorized at first to review some of the material seized.

So. Lots of people with hair on fire today.