Be careful what you give a standing ovation for

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Wouldn’t you think Canadian MPs would know a little about WWII? It’s a long time ago but not that long, and anyway it cast a very long shadow. A very very very fucking long shadow, on account of the many millions of people who were killed, and on account of the gruesome specter of genocide. On account of the UN and the UDHR, on account of nuclear weapons, on account of the Bloodlands.

The inanely grinning

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Governed by imbeciles:

Full tweet:

It seems the ‘conversion therapy’ ban is over, for the time being at least. Thank God.

But let’s not forget the inanely grinning, brain-dead MPs (of all parties) who held up these placards in May of last year, advocating a policy which would have criminalised anyone trying to *prevent* tomboy girls and camp boys from being steered towards untested drugs and surgery.

None of this lot are homophobic, in the traditional sense. But they hadn’t bothered either to stop and think, or to question a campaign where the ‘vibes’ felt right. The exact opposite function of what MPs are for.

We are governed by imbeciles.

Imbeciles who smile happily as adolescents are mutilated.

New science or new human rights?

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Sastra raises the perennial question of what we are talking about when we talk about how “some women have a penis” [and related subjects, which are infinite in number]. She asks if it’s a matter of new discoveries in science or new sensitivities to human rights, which is a very good question.

I was thinking about the purported “new sensitivities to human rights” yesterday, wondering for the billionth time why there is such heightened sensitivity to and compassion for men who claim to be women when there was never such sensitivity to and compassion for feminist women with their old sensitivities to human rights. Why are the sensitivity and compassion so very heightened, so frantic, so loud, so hyperbolic, so laced with threats? Why are so many people so extremely passionate and agitated about this form of “liberation” when that was never a thing for feminism? It’s as if feminism had been for “Karens” all along.

I was thinking about it, and it occurred to me that maybe it’s because most people or nearly all people or all people are in fact more or less squicked by fake genitalia and medically unnecessary mastectomies and the like. Maybe it’s because most people or nearly all people or all people actually don’t want to “date” trans people and they feel horribly guilty and ashamed as a result so they overcompensate.

Could that be it?

Guest post: Four possible meanings

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Originally a comment by Sastra on Brain rot.

If “some women have a penis” does that mean:

1.) There have always been some women who have a penis, but we only now realize this because of new discoveries in science.

2.) There have always been some women who have a penis, but we only now admit this because of new sensitivities to human rights.

3.) Women-with-a-penis is a totally new thing, the result of advances in medical science.

4.) Women-with-a-penis is a totally new thing, the result of advances in human rights.

My guess is that people who believe “some women have a penis” would dearly love to say it’s #1, mostly push #2, and fall back on #3 or #4 if they’re either forced into it, or feel like it ought to help their case on #2.

Safe haven

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Tattoo v neovagina.

I think I get what the reasoning is from their point of view: gender transition procedures are (in at least some instances) literally life-saving. People will die without them.

If that thought is accurate the reasoning may possibly make some sense. But is it accurate?

Well, first, not all magic gender-havers claim to be suicidal, or threaten to act on suicidal thoughts, or do in fact commit suicide. Second, blackmail by claims of suicidal ideation is just that: blackmail. That doesn’t make any difference on the personal level – if parents are convinced their kid will kill xirself then claims about blackmail and the wider society aren’t going to mean a damn thing to them – but it does make a difference on the policy level and especially on the rhetorical level. In other words it would be nice if activists for trans ideology would stop using suicide as a blackmail lever.

So, to sum up, kids under 18 ruining their bodies and their futures are not comparable to kids wanting tattoos. Tattoos are not comparable to luxury hysterectomies or penis removals. Tattoos are at worst unattractive or annoying to others. Medically unnecessary hysterectomies or penis removals or puberty blockers are in another category altogether.

For this reason, saying “Golly gee minors can’t decide for themselves whether to have a tattoo but they absolutely can decide to destroy their sexual parts” is reckless and idiotic.

Guest post: All too easy for the managers to appoint themselves priests

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Originally a comment by Francis Boyle on Who, literally, does she think she is?

I realise now that I was very naive to think, as I did for a long time, that the puritan impulse couldn’t survive in a pluralist culture. I’m not sure how the managerial mindset is related to puritanism beyond the fact that they both love putting things (and thus people) into boxes, but the two certainly find it easy to make common cause in promoting authoritarianism. Orwell is certainly relevant here but so is Mill. Without a willingness among the ordinary population (which is to say everyone who doesn’t see themself as a “thought leader”) to tolerate ideas they personally find disagreeable it is all too easy for the managers to appoint themselves priests. (“Don’t worry about the mysteries. You’ll never understand them but we’ve got it for you. We have a direct line to God/Stonewall”.) The totalising impulse, which I think is the puritan impulse in another form, claims that all values can be reduced to one value and thus the work of determining how those values can be put into practice can easily be outsourced. Just find someone/some organisation that “shares your values” as if it didn’t actually work in the opposite way. (Billy Bragg apparently wants that job and seems to imagine that having written a few so-so songs is a suitable qualification but he really should have gotten an MBA or gone into the public service if he wanted to be really successful.)

I have to say I’m scared. It’s almost as if we’ve jumped back a hundred years and the only alternative to one authoritarianism is the other authoritarianism. I just hope that this time we find something less destructive than a World War to demonstrate that the boring rule of law (and agreed norms – I’m looking at you Trump) is preferable to the thrill of being an ideological warrior. (Maybe we could just exile all the flag-wavers to some MMORG. The Metaverse might turn out to have some use after all.)

Brain rot

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MP says some women have a penis.

Yes really. An MP actually said that – on the record, in public. A woman MP said that.

It’s not “vilification of trans people” to say that women don’t have a penis.

Human rights but not for lesbians

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Human rights but not for lesbians


No. Lesbians may not hold lesbian-only events. No.

Who, literally, does she think she is?

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I really would like to know if it’s normal for an administrator at a healthcare network to lie and threaten and rage at patients and/or employees of the network who don’t believe men can be women and who don’t subscribe to the new religion that underlies that claim. If it is normal it obviously shouldn’t be. What business is it of Chandra Berkan-Hozempa’s if patients or employees or both attend a protest? Or participate in it? Or have opinions she dislikes? How is it her job to send out furious denunciations and warnings about a protest that has nothing whatever to do with the body she works for?

She’s the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Island Health, by the way. It’s becoming all too apparent that DEI is not what it says on the tin, and is a massive threat to the rights and freedoms of people who have the nerve to say things.

Seek out another island

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Oh good, there’s a source document. Let’s read it together.

Island Health is aware of the anti-2SLGBTQIA protests and counter-protests that are being planned across Canada on Wednesday, September 20th 2023.

And? What business is it of Island Health that there is a protest scheduled? Why does Island Health have to comment on it at all? Let alone threatening and libeling the protesters?

To be clear, Island Health respects the right for 2SLGBTQIA+ people to live in peace, without fear of discrimination, harassment and threat of violence, and recognize that the human rights of the trans and 2SLGBTQIA+ community are not up for debate.

Do they not get bored and embarrassed barfing out that endless string of letters over and over? The shorter UK version is bad enough, and this one is ludicrous.

More substantively, no one is trying to take the 2blah community’s rights away.

Gender identity and expression are protected grounds under the BC Human Rights Code (Bill 27 – 2016: Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2016) in addition to the existing grounds of sex and sexual orientation. There is no place for transphobia, homophobia or discrimination of any kind in our Island Health community.

But masses of time for womanphobia, apparently.

Please note, these dangerous, misguided and hate driven campaigns are a concerning matter of safety and public health, not only for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, but for anyone who may be questioning their identity or even for visible and open allies. These rallies are an insult to human dignity, expression and rights for us all. As an organization, we stand against hate and discrimination, and stand in solidarity with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

What a venomous malicious libelous crock of shit.

Please note, any anti-2SLGBTQIA+ messaging or commentary that targets community members will not be tolerated.

What does that mean? Will employees who attend the protest be fired?

 2SLGBTQIA+ staff, colleagues and their allies have a right to a work environment free from threat of violence, harassment, embarrassment and discrimination.

So do women. Remember them? Ever heard of them?

Any comments, questions or concerns can be directed to Chandra Berkan-Hozempa (Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) [except for women]…

You WILL shut up, or else

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You WILL shut up, or else

Wow. Canada really is very…erm…restrictive. And scary.

The whole image:

I would not want to work at any institution where Chandra Berkan-Hozempa had power over the staff.

Guest post: If they are so fragile

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Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Pink News has bad writers.

Here’s an idea: how about those attendees not interested in, or distressed by, a Harry Potter panel not go to that panel? If they are so fragile that the mere presence of such a panel at a large event upsets them so, they are likely too unwell to go anywhere, or do anything, as there’s no telling how many times they might unexpectedly run into the words “Harry” or “potter” whilst in the course of their travels. Either one on its own is bad enough. The two together? It must be like encountering a critical mass of harmful, verbal material, resulting in permanent injury and psychic scarring. Louis Slotin redux, but with words instead of uranium. “Tickling the Wizard’s Tale” * perhaps? Maybe it would be best for them to stay at home.

As for those performatively posturing on behalf of these weepy wilters, maybe they could have just come up with a waver for them to sign. Or the charity could hve pulled out. I know that’s not going to let them be seen “doing something,” but I’d bet there would have been more people disappointed at the cancellation of the HP panel than traumatized by it. The Comic Con organizers are cowards. They bowed down to bullies, allowing themselves to used as another avenue to demonize and punish JK Rowling, which is the real point of this power play.

Surprisingly, this Pink News article includes a link to the podcast series The Witch Trials of JK Rowling, and actually gives Rowling the last word:

Rowling, who has repeatedly denied transphobia allegations, claimed on the podcast The Witch Trials of JK Rowling that her comments on the trans community had been “profoundly” misunderstood.

“When I first became interested, then deeply troubled by what I saw as a cultural movement that was liberal in its methods and very questionable in its ideas, I absolutely knew that if I spoke out, many folks would be deeply unhappy with me,” Rowling said.

“Time will tell whether I’ve got this wrong … I believe there is something dangerous about this movement, and it must be challenged.”

*Dr. Louis Slotin died of massive radiation exposure during a demonstration of critical assembly, when he accidentally brought two spheres of fissile material too close together, too quickly. This seat-of-the-pants demonstration was known as “tickling the dragon’s tail.” More about this small, fatal nuclear accident here.

Saltwater intrusion

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Uh oh. Salt water contaminating the drinking water in a highly populated area.

Drought-like conditions in the Midwest over the summer have created a growing water problem in the New Orleans area this fall.

Water levels of the Mississippi River have dropped low enough to make the river less resistant to a mass of saltwater flowing north from the Gulf of Mexico. This circumstance, known as saltwater intrusion, is endangering the drinking water systems in and around the city, as well as smaller municipalities to the south.

Is that scary enough yet?

Officials in Louisiana and with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say that a “saltwater wedge” could reach water treatment plants near New Orleans in October and are working to slow the influx while also bringing in more fresh water to the region. Many water treatment facilities cannot handle water with high salinity levels, which corrode pipes and cause metals in the pipes to leach into the water.

The Corps of Engineers is also getting barges to transport water that can be combined with water at the treatment facilities for safe drinking. Colonel Jones said about 15 million gallons will be delivered in the coming days, but the demand at treatment facilities could ultimately rise to at least 36 million gallons per day. Colonel Jones said that the Army Corps was working to get access to more barges but that he was confident that figure could be met.

And that’s very easy and sustainable (and not at all yet another addition to the problem). Just ship in 36 million gallons of water every day. Piece of cake.

Many coastal communities, like parts of the Jersey Shore, Long Island and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, are no stranger to saltwater intrusion, which also occurs when storm surges or high tides top areas that are low in elevation. As sea levels rise along the coasts, the threat of saltwater intrusion does, too. Other countries like Bangladesh are grappling with that reality.

Nah, it’s just liberal scaremongering. Buy another SUV to piss them off.

H/t TheDudeDiogenes

Pink News has bad writers

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This may be a contestant for the Most Passive-aggressive Subhead Ever prize:

Harry Potter panel due to be held at London’s Comic Con event in October has been cancelled after conversations with an LGBTQ+ charity.

Who cancelled it? Who had the conversations? What is the connection between the cancelling and the conversations? What LGBXYZ charity?

Obviously a subhead can’t give all the relevant information, but that doesn’t mean it has to wrap itself in the passive voice repeatedly. It’s like the “activism” as a whole – all the creepy endless spying “something was said to someone by someone” hissing and pointing. Scandal-mongering without any scandal to work with. More succinctly: bad thinking leads to bad writing. That subhead is bad bad bad writing.

LGBTQ+ helpline Switchboard explained that the charity is due to appear at the event, which runs from 27 to 29 October, but that it raised “concerns” after finding out that a Harry Potter-themed panel was also due to take place. 

More garbage writing. Also why does this clumsy writer – one Emily Chudy – put scare quotes on “concerns”? Why doesn’t Pink News get better writers?

“When we agreed to host a Pride Lounge at this year’s MCM London Comic Con, we did so with the aim of connecting with their diverse fan community,” Switchboard wrote on Twitter

Ohhhh, I see – Pink News is working up a tweet into a news story. Ok, I do that myself often enough, so I don’t object to the principle, but then why pretend otherwise at the beginning?

“However, at that time we were unaware of their plans to feature any panels using the Harry Potter IP [intellectual property] … Upon learning about this, we felt compelled to express our concerns about the potential impact on our community, particularly trans individuals.”

Switchboard explained it had since been in “conversations” with the London Comic Con organisers, who were “receptive to our concerns and feedback from their fans”, and then decided to cancel the Harry Potter panel. 

Yet more garbage writing. Who decided to cancel the panel? Switchboard, or the London Comic Con organisers? Whatever; it was one of them. The story is: London Comic Con had a Potter-themed panel on the schedule; some “activists” saw an opportunity to cancel something so they picked a fight on Twitter and got the panel cancelled. Let’s have a big round of applause for our winners.

H/t Mostly Cloudy

The really unlikable

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It seems like only yesterday that no one would have said anything this stupid even for a hefty bribe.

It’s nothing to do with “governing.” It’s knowing.

News flash: women need to know which people are men, partly for our own safety. We don’t think we have a “right” to “govern” and we don’t consider it “governing” to know the difference between women and men.

We’re not the ones trying to “govern” people on this subject. It’s the public relations arm of trans ideology that’s so keen on ordering everyone to say men are women if they say they are. It’s trans ideology that polices our words, not the other way around.

And yes of course it’s our business. See above.

90 videos and 300 photos

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I expect the next communniny we’ll be ordered to validate and lift up and ally ourselves with is the take pictures up women’s skirts communniny.

A Sydney teacher who was jailed for secretly filming up the skirts of students at his north shore school has had his sentence overturned on appeal, after a judge agreed his mental health conditions including a voyeuristic disorder could be better treated in the community.

I wonder how many men wandering loose in the community have “a voyeuristic disorder.” If we can hear what women tell us it has to be a pretty hefty number.

Eric Wong, 29, was jailed in July for at least six months after he took 90 videos and 300 photos of students in his class at Cammeraygal High School in Crows Nest over a period of two years.

Judge John North said Wong’s “unusual and abhorrent behaviour” breached the trust of a large number of young women in his care.

“He was their teacher; this was a gross abuse of trust, and it is indeed a serious matter,” North said. “There are a large number of people who should have been safe in the protective care of their teacher who were anything but safe.”

Girls. A large number of girls. Girls girls girls. This shit is done to girls and women.

North said Wong would not be able to access appropriate treatment for his voyeurism disorder in custody, so the safety of the community would be better served by an Intensive Correction Order, a form of jail sentence served in the community, rather than a short period of custody.

How about first one and then the other?

There are of course strong arguments that punishment is a bad and useless way of dealing with crime – that it’s revenge rather than anything more justifiable. On the other hand there are also strong arguments that in the justice systems we currently have, crimes against women are shockingly under-prosecuted, let alone punished.

The Herald previously reported that Wong was caught by a 16-year-old female student when the girl bumped into a whiteboard and dislodged a hidden phone in Wong’s classroom.

A police search of Wong’s home revealed hundreds of videos and photographs on a computer and storage device of girls in school uniform in his classroom, including images up their skirts and of their breast area.

That’s a lot of very dedicated persistent “voyeurism disorder.”

H/t Arcadia

We hate hatred except our own hatred

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Good grief.

Yet again they honoo and stannd wif the “2SLGBTQIA+” memmers of our communinnee…while of course they don’t “stand with” those boring evil hags known as “women.” If only women could be done away with altogether! And they “stand against hate in all its forms” – except of course they don’t. This very statement reeks of hatred. They hate women who talk back, they hate women who are just women instead of trans women. They hate women who have their own opinions and think they get to utter them. They hate women who don’t just shut up and obey.

Trans rights are human rights, they intone like robots. But what are “trans rights”? For the billionth time, obviously trans rights should have human rights, but what are trans rights? How can we agree anyone should have them when they’re not spelled out?

They promise to confront all forms of hate while they’re in the very act of inciting hatred against feminist women who don’t want trans “activists” to destroy women’s rights. They’re inciting hatred in this very (shockingly childish and crude) “statement.”

There’s no difference between anything and anything

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Wait what? Who is demonizing whom?

It’s not “demonizing” anyone to say that men can’t be women, or to say that pretending men can be women is very bad for women’s rights.


Luxury training

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The Telegraph has a long piece on what it calls Whitehall’s woke training regime.

Some of it is about what I would call anti-racism training and the rest is about gender bullshit.

Staff in Government departments are being taught about gender ideology, which affirms the idea that people can choose their gender, while those with legally protected gender critical beliefs, who believe that you cannot change your biological sex, say they are bullied into silence.

Instead of clearing backlogs from the pandemic, staff are spending work time on attending lectures on LGBT+ issues or watching videos telling them biological men can use women-only facilities if they self-identify as female.

In one department, staff shared a “30 days of Pride” calendar, with daily videos and articles on topics including “transgender children” and “the history of the Stonewall riot”, that contained six hours of content.

To be clear, I don’t think it’s inherently bad to give people in civil service jobs training in the need to give everyone equal treatment before the law, which could include pointing out obstacles to doing that, which could include noting entrenched prejudices imbibed from the broader culture. Civil servants should not be treating some people as inferiors, and it could be the case that training helps eliminate that problem.

On the other hand I don’t think this should mean training in treating a small minority of people as magical saints with special magic genders.

Workers in government departments are also being bombarded with material about white privilege and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Like that for instance. I don’t think it’s bad for UK civil servants to be told there is such a thing as white privilege in the UK. Remember India? The slave trade? Stuff like that?

But it doesn’t follow that telling civil servants India Willoughby and Emily Bridges are among The Most Marginalized people on earth is a good idea.

The MoJ’s Gender Equality Network, one of a myriad of groups within the Civil Service set up by staff to discuss subjects such as diversity, circulated a newsletter in July 2022 to its members that discussed gender identity, pronouns and non-binary people.

The newsletter said: “Depending on the culture, people who identify as other genders have been associated with sacred powers, spirituality and are thought to be blessings to the family and community they are born into.

“Many North American Indigenous tribes had no constructs of gender and embraced its fluidity before colonisation.

“In many societies, the gender binary is a product and tool of colonialism and white supremacy.”

That’s fatuous propaganda, but notice the Telegraph doesn’t say it’s part of the training. It’s from a newsletter. There are probably a lot of newsletters flying around the Civil Service with some kind of bullshit in them. What’s the betting most civil servants just drop them straight into the recycle bin?

So, the Telegraph thing is interesting, but read it with caution.

Man continues practice of lecturing women

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Aw, Billy Bragg is sad that women are so stubborn about thinking their own thoughts instead of thinking his.

We haven’t stopped being progressive Billy. You on the other hand…