And a crime in Germany?

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I’m pretty sure Willoughby is lying about this.

Smithsonian Magazine did an article on the Nazis and “trans people” last September, except that it admits up front that it’s not exactly about “trans people” for the simple reason that they weren’t a thing at the time.

In the fall of 2022, a German court heard an unusual case. It was a civil lawsuit that grew out of a feud on Twitter about whether transgender people were victims of the Holocaust. Though there is no longer much debate about whether gay men and lesbians were persecuted by the Nazis, there’s been very little scholarship on trans people during this period.

The court took expert statements from historians before issuing an opinion that essentially acknowledges that trans people were victimized by the Nazi regime.

“Essentially” – that is, if you pretend that the Nazi regime meant X when it said Y.

In 1933, the year that Adolf Hitler took power, the police in Essen, Germany, revoked [Toni] Simon’s permit to dress as a woman in public. Simon, who was in her mid-40s, had been living as a woman for many years.

The Weimar Republic, the more tolerant democratic government that existed before Hitler, recognized the rights of trans people, though in a begrudging, limited way. Under the republic, police granted trans people permits like the one Simon had.

In the 1930s, transgender people were called “transvestites,” which is rarely a preferred term for trans people today, but at the time approximated what’s now meant by “transgender.” 

Oh really?

What if it’s the other way around? What if people have taken what used to be called “transvestism” and magnified it into a whole bonkers ideology? What if femme men were then just one way of being a gay man and butch women were just one way of being a lesbian? What if both were just one way of living as a same-sex attracted person, without any grandiose ontological claims, let alone threats?

In Berlin, transgender people published several magazines and had a political club. Some glamorous trans women worked at the internationally famous Eldorado cabaret. The sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, who ran Berlin’s Institute for Sexual Science, advocated for the rights of transgender people.

But we don’t know that they were transgender people. We have zero reason to think that butch lesbians and femme men thought of themselves in the terms that people who now claim to be transgender do. It’s not something Smithsonian Magazine should just assume.

Simon was a brave person. I first came across her police file when I was researching trans people at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Essen police knew Simon as the sassy proprietor of an underground club where LGBTQ people gathered. 

No they didn’t. They didn’t call themselves that. No one did. Not least, it’s not even German.

At the Hamburg State Archive, I read about H. Bode, who often went out in public dressed as a woman and dated men. Under the Weimar Republic, she held a transvestite certificate. Nazi police went after her for “cross-dressing” and for having sex with men. They considered her male, so her relationships were homosexual and illegal. They sent her to the concentration camp Buchenwald, where she was murdered.

Liddy Bacroff of Hamburg also had a transvestite pass under the republic. She made her living selling sex to male clients. After 1933, the police went after her. They wrote that she was “fundamentally a transvestite” and a “morals criminal of the worst sort.” She too was sent to a camp, Mauthausen, and murdered.

None of which magically makes them what the people of 2024 mean by “trans people.” They couldn’t be that kind of trans people, because the meanings of that label did not exist 90 years ago.

For a long time, the public didn’t know the stories of trans people in Nazi Germany.

Earlier histories tended to misgender trans women, labeling them as men. This is odd given that when you read the records of their police interrogations, they are often remarkably clear about their gender identity, even though they were not helping their cases at all by doing so. Bacroff, for example, told the police, “My sense of my sex is fully and completely that of a woman.”

No, it’s not “odd.” There was no such thing as “gender identity” in Nazi Germany. Men who said they felt like women were just men who said they felt like women. They didn’t spark a new vocabulary and ideology.

So, no, Willoughby is wrong to say the Nazis targeted people “purely for being trans.” For flouting gender norms and even laws against cross-dressing, yes, but for being trans in the contemporary sense, no.

I’m also skeptical that there’s a law that says “Denying trans persecution by the Nazis is Holocaust revisionism and a crime in Germany.” Frontline has a long article on laws restricting Holocaust speech and it says nothing about “trans persecution” – it says nothing about “trans” at all.

Help patients be themselves

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It’s in The Sun, so I don’t feel like reading it, but I gotta say, that banner would make me feel the very opposite of welcome.

If all that gender chopped salad is welcome then gender skeptics are not welcome. Just for one thing, we don’t have a colorful stripey flag. We are aflagual.

Where hatred of women goes

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Guy goes to a shopping mall to kill people.

I say “people” but of course that’s wrong. Sheer habit; sorry.

He went there to kill women. A man tried to stop him so he killed that one man too, but the rest were all women. Women are shit; women need killing.

The man who went on a stabbing rampage in a Sydney shopping centre appears to have targeted women, police say.


What would it take for the BBC to omit that “appears to have” part?

The New South Wales police commissioner told Australia’s ABC News that it was “obvious” Mr Cauchi focused on women.

The only man killed in the attack was security guard Faraz Tahir, 30, who tried to intervene.

“The videos speak for themselves, don’t they?” commissioner Karen Webb said. “It’s obvious to me, it’s obvious to detectives… that the offender focused on women and avoided the men.”

But the BBC doesn’t consider it obvious.

The less equal campaign

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Am I wrong to say that no one wants to make trans people less equal?

I get that there are plenty of malevolent people who dislike trans people along with gay people, feminists, lefties, atheists, you name it, but are there people who want to make trans people less equal? What would that even look like?

That question is related to one I ask a lot, which is “what do we mean by ‘trans rights’?” What exactly are trans rights? Trans people should have human rights, obviously, but what are specifically trans rights, and how do we know that anyone should have them?

There’s a lot of sloppy rhetoric about equality and rights all through the trans ControVersy, and I spend a lot of time trying to pin down what is meant.

How about Ron DeSantis? Does he want to make trans people less equal? I’m told he does, but I’m skeptical. What would that look like? What has he said that looks like that? I’m not disagreeing that DeSantis is a malevolent right-winger, but I continue to think making trans people “less equal” is just not on the right-wing agenda, not because they’re better than that but because it’s just not a thing.

With race, now, it’s a thing. With race we have a very clear very explicit history of less equal. See the Dred Scott ruling for example. With sex it’s also a thing: women weren’t allowed to vote.

But trans people? Is anyone saying they shouldn’t have voting rights, or that they have no rights which the cis people are bound to respect? Not that I know of. Maybe I’ve missed something.

Here’s the AP back in December:

A federal judge hearing a challenge to a transgender health care ban for minors and restrictions for adults noted Thursday that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis repeatedly spread false information about doctors mutilating children’s genitals even though there’s been no such documented cases.

The law was sold as defending children from mutilation when it is actually about preventing trans children from getting health care, Judge Robert Hinkle said to Mohammad Jazil, a lawyer for the state.

But what is called “trans health care” can and does include altering the genitals. Is that health care as opposed to mutilation, or vice versa? Depends on who is talking.

At least 22 states have now enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming medical care for transgender minors, and many of those states face lawsuits. Courts have issued mixed rulings, with the nation’s first law, in Arkansas, struck down by a federal judge who said the ban on care violated the due process rights of transgender youth and their families.

But it’s a choice to call it “medical care.” If it weren’t labeled as “gender-affirming” then it would be mutilation, so that “gender-affirming” is carrying a lot of weight.

Anyway I couldn’t find anything in that article that indicates DeSantis is trying to make trans people less equal. It’s not a form of equality to have your genital mutilation called “medical care” even if you yourself want the genital mutilation or alteration. The whole thing is about something other than equality.

Looking fixedly in the other direction

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President of Humanists UK refuses to step up.

They don’t want the tsuris.

The most egregious insult

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Neale Hanvey MP on Ruth Hunt:

Ruth Hunt’s claim that she was “absolutely someone who has always been working in the middle ground, trying to build consensus” is most egregious insult imaginable.

@stonewalluk attacked anyone occupying a position beyond their pious queer theory doctrine. Any LGB person who raised so much as a ‘heretical’ whisper was targeted and demonised. The agenda they have been pushing has seen emboldened extremist positions find their way on to the floor of the House of Commons where straight women tell gay men to get back in the closet. That’s what you achieved Ruth Hunt, but it’s never going to happen. Now we stand with @AllianceLGB.

Guest post: Belief and obedience are held in higher esteem

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Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Often contending with other difficulties.

You’d think they’d make sure there actually was such a thing as a “gender identity” before offering to “develop” it, “treat” it, or follow its dictates with regard to the bodies it allegedly inhabits. Why do some people claim to have such an identity, while others do not? Why are most people’s identities “aligned” with their sex, while others are not? What causes this supposed “misalignment”? How is the identity’s presence and nature determined, apart from patient self-diagnosis? How do you screen out people who don’t require your services, and/or those who will not benefit from them? Surely clinicians dealing with this phenomenon would want fundamental questions like this answered before taking any steps, drastic or otherwise, that involve any kind of medical intervention, hormonal, pharmaceutical, or surgical.

Quite apart from practical considerations like those outlined above, what about questions around the origin and evolution of “gender identities”? This is specifically about gender, not sex, so clown fish are not what we’re asking about. We’ve been told that such identities have nothing to do with gametes, so let’s take them at their word, and rule them out from the start. What is your evidence of gender identity outside of the genus Homo? What other species exhibit such an entity, and how does one tell? What adaptive advantages might it confer? These and a host of other interesting questions would make the concept of “gender identity” a potentially fruitful field of study, if such a thing actually existed. But the “knowledge” which its adherents claim to possess smacks more of fan fiction, literary criticism, or theology than anything real or tangible. Belief and obedience are held in higher esteem than curiosity and critical thinking. Like astrology’s unquestioningly confident acceptance of the existence and import of the supposedly contending influence and power of inherently meaningless alignments of planets against the backdrop of completely incidental “constellations” (ascribed to them by ancients who had no idea at all that “planets” were worlds like the Earth, and that “stars” were distant Suns like our own), gender ideology takes the existence and primacy of “gender identities” as foundational and axiomatic, an unreasoned, unjustified, and unquestioned faith position, rather than the end result of hard work and research to confirm an hypothesis.

I’ve never understood the power of this ridiculous ideology. I’ve never understood why so many formerly intelligent people rushed to sign up to it and demonize their friends who said no.

Neither do I. Not only its power to attract and maintain followers (given the manifest lunacy and contradictions it accepts with a straight face), but also the power and influence it has managed to acquire and wield. This unprecedented level of unaccountable, behind the scenes machinations have allowed it to enact huge parts of its agenda without review or oversight, as well given it the ability to shield itself from criticism, as well as recruit others to isolate, circumvent, and punish anyone it judges to be a critics or opponents. It might pass itself off as scientific, but with regards to power, it certainly behaves much more like religion, from the time when religion had more leverage than it does now. That supposed sceptics, secularists, humanists, progressives, and scientists, all of whom seem to know better in other areas, can fall prey to this unevidenced patchwork of bullshit continues to astound and dismay. For a field in which there’s no there there, genderism has a disturbingly large population of supporters, and an unfortunately well-equipped and active standing army.

Ultimately demeaning

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Dreaming the impossible dream again:

Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer has said she no longer wants to play transgender roles. The 25-year-old transgender star shot to fame playing a trans character, Jules Vaughn, in HBO’s hit teen drama.

So he’s an actor and a he, and the BBC is lying to its readers in the usual way by calling him “she.”

Anyway. Trans actor Hunter doesn’t want to play trans characters any more. Ok; there are other jobs. Have a nice life, Hunter.

But Schafer said she felt she could go further as an actress by “not making it the centrepiece to what I’m doing”. She said: “I worked so hard to get to where I am, past these really hard points in my transition, and now I just want to be a girl and finally move on.”

He “just” wants to get jobs playing a woman when there are thousands upon thousands of actual women who want those jobs. The movie business is there to make money, not to validate guys like Hunter. He just wants to be a girl but he’s not a girl, so he wants the impossible. He just wants to “move on” from being trans, but the only place to move on to, for him, is being a man.

Speaking to GQ magazine, Schafer said being known simply as a “trans actress” was “ultimately demeaning to me and what I want to do”. She continued: “I’ve been offered tons of trans roles, and I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to talk about it.

Well tough shit, kid. You can’t have it both ways. If you find it “demeaning” to be known as a trans actress, you could always stop being a trans actress. Tragic reality: more people want to be famous rich movie stars than actually are famous rich movie starts. Lots more.

The escalation

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In other news

This is exactly the escalation in the simmering conflict between Iran, its proxies and Israel that everyone feared: a direct attack by one nation against another.

For nearly two weeks Iran’s security establishment has been mulling its response to the 1 April airstrike on its consulate in Damascus, widely assumed to be the work of Israel, that killed several top Iranian commanders. Clearly, a decision was reached that such a major escalation – an attack that flattened a diplomatic building and therefore sovereign Iranian territory – called for an escalatory response.

Israel has several layers of air defences and it has vowed to respond to any attack on its soil and it will. The risk now is that this tit-for-tat continues to escalate into a full-blown regional war, something most governments in the region have been trying hard to avoid ever since the Hamas-led attack on Israel on 7 October.

And that the regional war continues to escalate into a global war and before long there is nothing left of Planet Earth.

Incandescent with rage

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Ruth Hunt’s “Who, me?? Never!!” is not going down very well.

Often contending with other difficulties

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Hannah Barnes in The New Statesman:

[Hannah Barnes is associate editor of the New Statesman and author of “Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children” (Swift)]

The report confirms that the majority of children referred to Gids had complex needs, and alongside their gender-related distress were often contending with other difficulties: anxiety, depression, eating disorder and autism were all over-represented when compared with what you would see in the general children’s population.

It also vindicates what so many former Gids staff have been saying for years: that there was no consistency in its clinical approach; that some assessments – prior to referral for puberty blockers – could be just one or two sessions long; that there was wide variation between clinicians; that “sexuality was not consistently discussed”; that assessments lacked structure; and that “there was a lack of evidence of professional curiosity” as to how a child’s specific circumstances may impact on their gender identity and decisions.

Cass describes how several staff in adult gender clinics have “contacted the Review in confidence with concerns about their experiences working in adult gender services”. These clinicians, from NHS gender clinics across the country, describe how a large proportion of patients have “various combinations of confusion about sexuality, psychosis, neurodevelopmental disorders, trauma and deprivation… and a range of other undiagnosed conditions”, yet there was an expectation that they would be started on hormones by their second appointment.

It’s very odd, isn’t it. Wouldn’t you think all these other issues would prompt the medics to be very cautious about prescribing puberty blockers as opposed to prompting them to rush to do so?

Perhaps the most shameful thing detailed in the final Cass review is the revelation that NHS adult gender services – paid for by the tax-payer – have refused to cooperate in sharing data that would improve the evidence base for this group of people. The review had aimed to track what happened to the 9,000 young people who had gone through Gids, with the government even changing the law to help researchers do this. But the gender clinics refused to help. Follow-up is standard practice in the NHS, Cass explains, but “has not been the case for gender-questioning children and young people”. Finding out how thousands of young people had fared after receiving different help represented “a unique opportunity” to provide more evidence to help gender-questioning young people and their families make informed decisions about what might be the right treatment pathway for them.

It is baffling that those working in services purportedly aiming to help these same people have refused to help make their care better, safer and more evidence-based. “I don’t understand the reasons why they wouldn’t cooperate,” Cass told me. Some of the clinics raised issues about ethics – yet the research design had been granted official ethical approval; others raised issues about it requiring extra resources, but NHS England said it would pay for it. “So, it is mystifying to me,” Cass said. “Particularly when you would expect that they would be curious about outcomes for the patient cohort going through, and if they are confident in the management approach, they would want to be able to demonstrate that.”

It has a kind of Jonestown feel to it – that they were all addled by the same bizarre atmosphere as each other, and all bumbled over the same cliff.

Staff from Gids have been making these points for almost a decade. Two decades if you go back to the very first whistle-blower who raised concerns before puberty blockers were given to under 16s. Some in the media have amplified those concerns, too, as have women’s rights activists, former Gids service users, and parents. Those who have spoken out should be applauded. But, we should be asking the question: where has everyone else been?

What about all the others who have not spoken out? Those who were told what was going on, who saw what was going on, and did nothing. The NHS, the government and political classes, the media.

Jonestown is everywhere?

I don’t have anything more intelligent to offer. I’ve never understood the power of this ridiculous ideology. I’ve never understood why so many formerly intelligent people rushed to sign up to it and demonize their friends who said no.

Always check the wording

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Again with the re-wording.

Doc Stock asked for examples of Stonewall doing its thing, which has made for a highly useful thread full of sources. One item gives us yet another lie about what the trans ideology is about:

Second paragraph under “We stand up for people”:

“We do draw a line with regard to questioning whether trans people deserve the same level of equality as any other group.”

NOBODY SAYS trans people don’t deserve the same level of equality as any other group. NOBODY. There is no campaign to Make Trans People Less Equal. That’s not the issue, that’s not what it’s about, that’s not what anyone says.

What does it tell us, that they do this so relentlessly?

It tells us that they can’t defend their actual demands, so they translate them into ones that sound familiar and reasonable.

Forcing everyone to play along with people’s fantasies about themselves has nothing whatsoever to do with equality. NOTHING. It also has nothing to do with human rights except when it cancels them for other people. If you think women have a right to exclude men in some circumstances then trans ideology cancels that right.

It’s very very very telling that Stonewall and others consistently do this, because it tells us they realize, on some level, that what they’re actually campaigning for is indefensible.

The revisionism is in full swing

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Stonewall tried to suppress early warnings to schools about the shaky evidence base for medical transitions for children, The Times can reveal.

Not just ignore; not just dispute; not just dismiss; suppress.

Speaking for the first time since the publication of the Cass review, Baroness Hunt of Bethnal Green insisted that Stonewall had always supported calls for evidence-based medicine during her leadership from 2014 to 2019.

That buzzing you hear? That’s gender-critical types exclaiming “Like hell it did!!”

However, when campaigners sent out resource packs to schools in 2018 warning teachers that there was little medical evidence to support puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, Stonewall sought to have them removed from schools.

The evidence-led approach advocated by the resource pack was sent out to thousands of schools by the pressure group Transgender Trend in February 2018. Much of its content has since been upheld by Dr Hilary Cass in her landmark review.

The pressure group Stonewall has some explaining to do.

The resource pack warned about autism and mental health issues, and the sudden spike in girls joining the gender mania.

It advised them to be cautious if supporting a pupil’s social transition, pointing out that “very few come off the path of increasingly invasive medical treatments once they start” and reminded them of their safeguarding and legal responsibilities. It also advised school leaders to resist offers by external activist organisations to “mentor” children in this complex area.

Advised them to be cautious! How scandalous! Obviously it’s the right thing to be reckless and in a great big hurry to persuade children to ruin their bodies and futures.

In response, Stonewall Scotland told its tens of thousands of followers on Twitter/X: “We, in the strongest possible terms, denounce and condemn this publication. If it lands on your desk, do the right thing: shred it.”

A further Stonewall statement branded the pack as “dangerous” material, “masquerading as a professional, ‘evidence-based’ advice. One thing we want every educator to be clear on is that they must have nothing to do with this deeply damaging publication.”

That’s so fascinating, because what did Stonewall think it was doing? If it’s “masquerading” to urge caution before letting children ruin their bodies, what is it to urge children to ruin their bodies? Eh? How is it that Stonewall has every right to urge children to do drastic life-altering things while others have no right to urge caution? Why did Stonewall think the default was go ahead and mess up your body, and the evil deviation was slow down and use caution before messing up your body?

Hunt, who stepped down in August 2019, has denied that her organisation suppressed debate around transgender healthcare. “If we thought it was bad guidance, and it is, we were right to tell people we thought it was bad guidance,” she said, referring to its scepticism around the concept of a “trans child”.

But you thought it was bad guidance and it isn’t. That’s the problem. Not that you thought it was bad guidance, and it is, but that you thought it was bad guidance, and it isn’t. Do you get it now? You’re the ones who put out the bad guidance. Not those other people; you.

[Hunt] denied that she had ever supported “no debate”, adding: “I’m absolutely someone who has always been working in the middle ground, trying to build consensus.”

Hunt’s critics may contrast that position with her response in October 2018 to a petition asking Stonewall to acknowledge there was a conflict around transgender rights and sex-based women’s rights. She wrote: “We do not and will not acknowledge this. Doing so would imply that we do not believe that trans people deserve the same rights as others. We will always debate issues that enable us to further equality but what we will not do is debate trans people’s right to exist.”

And there it is again, The Big Lie. There’s the implication that gender skeptics wanted genocide for trans people. There’s the sneaky malevolent lie that feminist women hope to see trans people killed. That’s her “middle ground, trying to build consensus.”

Speaking of “disinformation and myths”

Apr 13th, 2024 4:30 am | By

Talk about mission creep…

Amnesty International put out a press release announcing Cass review on gender identity is being ‘weaponised’ by anti-trans groups.

What does the Cass review have to do with Amnesty International? And what does Amnesty have to do with the Cass review? Does AI now see itself as simply The Correct Ones, there to rebuke the wicked and sanctify the good, “wicked” and “good” according to Amnesty itself of course?

In response to the sensationalised coverage surrounding the independent review of gender identity services for children and young people by the paediatrician Hilary Cass, Amnesty International UK and Liberty, said:

“All children have the right to access specialist effective care on time and must be afforded the privacy to make decisions that are appropriate for them in consultation with a specialist.  

“This review is being weaponised by people who revel in spreading disinformation and myths about healthcare for trans young people.

“It’s concerning that sections of the media and many politicians continue to spread moral panic with no regard for the possible consequences for trans people and their families.

Well, Ams, guess what: it’s “concerning” that you are talking venomous shit about people who are trying to keep children and teenagers from having their bodies and lives ruined by a deranged fad for sexual mutilation. Where’s your regard for the possible consequences for people labeled “trans” and their families?

“The negative rhetoric by the Government about the dangers of so-called gender ideology, healthcare for young trans people, as well as the push against LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education is harmful and extremely damaging. It is no different from the ultra-conservative and evangelical groups pushing for discriminatory laws targeting trans people in the United States.

“Scapegoating trans people is harmful and dangerous. The Government should protect everyone’s human rights rather than exploit the diverse experiences of trans people to score points.”

Amnesty sneers at the label “gender ideology” in the very act of promoting and attempting to enforce it. It is gender ideology to call mutilation “healthcare.” It is scapegoating to pretend that all dissenters are ultra-conservative and evangelical. Amnesty is talking this dishonest crap to “score points.”

What a disgusting spectacle.

The lesson is don’t just come right out and say it

Apr 12th, 2024 6:01 pm | By

16 Candles felony charges:

I don’t think she’s out on bail.

Yet experienced professionals are increasingly scared

Apr 12th, 2024 5:35 pm | By

This isn’t how it’s done:

Critical thinking and open debate are pillars of scientific and medical research. Yet experienced professionals are increasingly scared to openly discuss their views on the treatment of children questioning their gender identity. This was the conclusion drawn by Hilary Cass in her review of gender identity services for children this week, which warned that a toxic debate had resulted in a culture of fear.

Why are the professionals scared? Why is the debate toxic? Why is there a culture of fear?

We all know. We’ve been watching it for years. It’s because of the staggering level of bullying that the rah-rah-trans side goes in for.

Her conclusion was echoed by doctors, academic researchers and scientists, who have said this climate has had a chilling effect on research in an area that is in desperate need of better evidence.

Some said they had been deterred from pursuing what they believed to be crucial studies, saying that merely entering the arena would put their reputation at risk. Others spoke of abuse on social media, academic conferences being shut down, biases in publishing and the personal cost of speaking out.

It’s another loop of futility. The area desperately needs better evidence but can’t get it because they will be fiercely punished if they try, so the area needs better evidence even more desperately, and on the cycle goes. The area was founded on nonsense and is enforced by inquisitors, so the nonsense keeps getting more nonsensical and the inquisitors keep getting more ferocious and dishonest.

Another senior researcher in endocrinology, who wished to remain anonymous, said medical professionals had resorted to sharing concerns and views on anonymous WhatsApp groups.

“The bad-mouthing and the social media destruction of people’s reputation and careers is so damning,” the academic said. “Professional people are worried about how they will be characterised on social media and cannot express dissent without it resulting in very aggressive, inappropriate behaviours. It’s causing people to stop talking and just move away from it and not get involved.”

She added: “This isn’t how good scientific debate happens – it happens when people can talk honestly and without fear.”

So the debate will continue to get worse and worse and worse, and thus more ferociously enforced, and thus worse again, rinse and repeat.

Guest post: So used to the mantra

Apr 12th, 2024 5:07 pm | By

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on 14 when he knew.

The BBC has gotten so used to the mantra that (clap) trans (clap) kids (clap) are (clap) who they say they are (clap clap clap) that they can’t shake it even when reporting on a story about how the medicine actually doesn’t say that.

Imagine if a report came out that said that it appeared that oncologists were over-prescribing chemotherapy, and that the medical evidence strongly shows that it’s not appropriate in many cases in which it’s being used.

Would the BBC rush to interview cancer patients for their “opinions” on the medicine? No doubt some patients would have opinions (“I had chemo, and I think it saved my life!”), but would they be newsworthy? Would they be relevant to a story about what the medical practice should be?

When mainstream media outlets report on anti-vaxxers, they usually make an effort to draw the contrast. It’s not “immunologists and virologists and public health experts say the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, but American football star Aaron Rodgers says otherwise, so who can say?”

14 when he knew

Apr 12th, 2024 11:32 am | By

The Beeb rushes to chat with a “trans man” about how hurty it all is.

Trans young people say they feel “disappointed” and “ignored” by the Cass Review into gender care.

No, really??!

They’ve been taught to feel that, Beeb. They’ve been taught by you among others. You’re teaching more people by writing this stupid story.

Sean Donovan was 14 when he knew he had gender dysphoria, but was not able to access puberty blockers which he said could have saved him “so much trauma”.

Or could have wrecked “his” life.

The review recommended a “holistic assessment” of a child’s needs, including “screening for neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, and a mental health assessment”. Mr Donovan said none of this would have helped him, he just needed transition support.

And of course Mr Donovan knows that with absolute certainty and there is no way “he” could be wrong about any or all of it.

Without consent

Apr 12th, 2024 11:21 am | By

Another win for magic gender:

The German parliament has passed a law making it easier for citizens and residents to legally change gender. It’s also introducing hefty fines – in specific circumstances – for disclosing someone’s prior registered name or gender without consent.

Hefty fines for mentioning someone’s actual sex? Really? So men can force themselves on, say, women’s hostels or refuges or rape crisis centers and no one is allowed to “disclose” the fact that he’s a man?

Previously, changing your registered gender required a doctor’s certificate and the approval of a family court. Now over-18s can change to male, female or diverse, a third gender option that already exists under German law…The intentional and harmful disclosure of someone’s prior name or legal gender could attract a fine of up to €10,000.

Despite the fact that women often need to know who is a man and who isn’t. Yawn; women don’t matter.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “We show respect to trans, intersex and non-binary people – without taking anything away from others. This is how we continue to drive the modernisation of our country. This includes recognising realities of life and making them possible by law.”

Recognizing what “realities of life”? Not the reality that men are not women, for one.

Nyke Slawik, from the Greens – who is transgender – said it was a “first step” towards a society which allows self-determination for trans people.

But we can’t have that kind of “self-determination.” It’s not possible. We can’t self-determine ourselves into raccoons or planets or airports or an endless list of things we’re not. We can’t make ourselves into reptiles or fruits or furniture. Our scope for self-determination is sharply limited. Sentimental airy glurge about unlimited “self-determination” is infantilizing. Knock it off.

Keep shtum

Apr 12th, 2024 4:31 am | By

Trans ideologues refused to show their evidence.

The NHS’s most senior adviser on transgender health refused to share data about his clinic’s patients with the Cass Review. Dr Hilary Cass said efforts to track the journeys of around 9,000 children who went on to be seen by adult services were “thwarted” by the refusal of clinics to provide evidence.

Researchers were trying to establish the long-term consequences of medical interventions by seeking data from adult clinics, which take patients from the age of 16. Six of the seven clinics which run adult gender services refused to comply with the request.

Thus revealing themselves to be not “clinics” at all but political headquarters. Transitude is all in the head, so evidence is beside the point; all that matters is loyalty, determination, omertà.

They include the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, one of the leading centres in the country. Dr Derek Glidden, its clinical director, refused to comply despite being NHS England’s gender dysphoria national speciality adviser.

He chairs the NHS England Clinical Reference Group on gender dysphoria, while another of its five members, Dr Laura Charlton, the clinical lead at Leeds Gender Identity Clinic, also refused to participate in the research.

Why would they refuse to share data? Why would they handicap the research?

My guess is because at bottom they don’t see it as a matter of research but as a political movement. If trans is political rather than medical then data and research are beside the point; loyalty and commitment are all.