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Meet Roy Warden

Feb 22nd, 2016 9:02 am | By

Peter Walker on Facebook:

From Roy Warden, organizer of Tucson’s “Justice for LaVoy” rally, March 5:

“I will bet that even now “patriots” are polishing 30-06 rounds (I know ex-military types highly proficient with the 50 caliber round) vowing to “make a name for themselves,” eager for history to record them as “the man who took the shooters down.” So, if I was a member of the crew who “took down” LaVoy Finicum. I would know this: no matter where you hide, you and your families will be exposed. Your ONLY hope is for “justice” to prevail. If I was you I would frog-march my sorry ass down and throw myself at the feet of the nearest U.S.

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