With allies like these…

He’s “tolerated” this woman he calls a rude name because he thinks she might be of use to him, but now the time has come for him to denounce her in public, because he just can’t deny himself the fun a moment longer.

Women are so horrible. He’s so sick of seeing them “use” the abuse they have suffered, when they could be talking about him.

What a good thing he’s here to set us straight about what feminism is.

So true. Feminism is not about oppression of women, because that would be BO-ring. Feminism is not about “wallowing” in our victimhood because we need to be mopping the brows of all the suffering men, instead. How dare we use our victimhood as a weapon against…urm…well, against Mark Green when all he wants is one of the stupid bitches to offer to be his agent, for free.

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