See the moral panic swell and grow

This is how ridiculous the panic and frenzy have become. It’s a little alarming how eagerly and fast people have sprinted over a cliff. This is a comment by Darlene Pineda on Jason Thibeault’s long, ugly, dishonest post about me on Thursday:

@Jason: She’s generally good only she’s done hurtful things and her growth as a person is being stymied by her needing to be right rather than being fair to all parties and accepting criticism.

Most people are. Generally good, that is. They don’t around kicking puppies, for example. They generally think people should be treated fairly.

But when they think some people should be treated more fairly than others, that’s when that whole “generally good” stuff breaks down. Ophelia Benson is anti-trans. She doesn’t believe they even exist, really. Oh, she’s willing to humor them and doesn’t wish them harm, but she denies them the basic humanity and ability to define themselves she grants herself. She is a bigot. Flat out. That isn’t just hurtful, it is dangerous. It feeds the people who are denying rights to trans people to use the bathroom of their choice. She is in basic agreement with Huckabee, FFS.

I put her TERF views and friends firmly in the same camp as the KKK and any other hate group. Hate group. Her views — outspoken as they are — are part of a larger whole that impacts policies and politics that work to further marginalize trans people.

She may not be evil, but the consequences of her actions are. K.c. Haggard, 66. India Clarke, 25. Mercedes Williamson, 17. London Chanel, 23. Kristina Gomez Reinwald, 46. Penny Proud, 21. Taja Gabrielle DeJesus, 36. Yazmin Vash Payne, 33. Ty Underwood, 24. Lamia Beard, 30. Lamar “Papi” Edwards, 20. Bri Golec, 22. Amber Monroe, 20.

My daughter is 20. She doesn’t use public restrooms. It’s safer. Because people don’t think she’s a woman. Because she’s afraid of getting killed.

This is not an intellectual game, this is real life and death, today. Right now.

Generally good people? They don’t make people fear for their lives when needing to pee.

First of all – it’s terrible that she’s so afraid for her daughter, and that her daughter is so afraid. It’s just fucking awful.

But, having said that – that comment is off a cliff. It’s batshit. It says my “actions” – writing some innocuous words on a blog – have something to do with the murders of trans people. It says I make her daughter afraid for her life when she needs to pee. That is over the top panic about nothing.

Also…if we had to weight the two, I would say that comment is a lot more likely to incite violence against me than anything I’ve ever said is likely to incite violence against Darlene Pineda’s daughter. I would say that comment is inciting hatred and rage against me, and I’ve never said a word that does anything like that.

We don’t have to weight the two, and I don’t think that comment puts me in danger, but I do think the connection is a whole lot more obvious than it is in the case of my blog thoughts about gender and a stranger’s daughter.

If I really were a danger to trans people…wouldn’t that stand out rather? Wouldn’t it be pretty glaring? Wouldn’t it be obvious?

But to find anything to accuse me of they had to go combing through what groups I’m in on Facebook and what I “Liked” in those groups. Really?


My liking things said in a Facebook group is a threat to the life of a young trans woman who needs to pee?

How, exactly? How would that work?

These people are working themselves into a ridiculous panic, and I would find it funny if it weren’t the result of Jason Thibeault and others peddling a bunch of lies and exaggerations about me. Since it is that, I find it horrifying and contemptible.

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