Lurching rightward

Jeff Sharlet:

I’m reminded of something the late Chuck Colson — a brutal Watergate felon who made himself over as the reigning intellectual of the Christian Right, with help from centrists — told me: “I love ‘compromise.’ I stay right where I am and they come to me.”

It’s worth noting Colson was talking about how he’d come to appreciate the Clintons as inadvertent partners in the rightward lurch of America. He was one of the engines, but let’s remember that too often the Clintons were the caboose of that train. They also did some decent things for everyday people. But they did them on the terms of knee-cappers like Colson. Clintonism ultimately worked out for the Right; it didn’t work for humanity. I voted HRC to stop Trump. It didn’t work. That time is over. It’s struggle time. In truth it always was.

Which makes me even more appreciative of something my friend Christian Haines wrote today: maybe the old labor saying “Don’t mourn, organize” isn’t quite right. Maybe we mourn by organizing.

There’s talk that we may be losing our democracy. But democracy isn’t something you can lose any more than it’s some magical thing you can just find. You don’t have democracy. You make it.

Let’s get started.

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