A rare and humiliating moment

In Bill Cosby news:

There is enough evidence that Bill Cosby assaulted a woman just over a decade ago to bring a criminal case against him to trial, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Defense attorneys have tried to get the charges thrown out, arguing that a deposition Cosby gave for a civil suit could not be used against him and that the prosecution is politically motivated. District Attorney Kevin Steele charged Cosby after defeating former DA Bruce Castor, who had declined to prosecute the case when it initially emerged. That decision became an issue in the election.

“The underlining theme of these, and each of those charges, that based upon what he did to the victim and giving her the substance he gave her she’s incapable of consent,” Steele said during Tuesday’s hearing. “What we’re dealing with is what happened on that night in his house.”

The allegations had already been aired in documents. Still, the public recitation of the details by attorneys and police officers, with Cosby forced to take them in from a defendant’s chair, marked a rare and humiliating moment in Cosby’s downfall.

If he didn’t do it, that’s very sad. If he did, then it seems only fair. If he did do all or even some of the things he’s accused of, he did quite a lot of humiliation of women over the years.

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