It’s strange, I’ve just noticed, having a soon-to-be president who has expressed angry, loud, hostile contempt for most of the population.

You’d think someone campaigning for the job would think of that and decide it might not be such a good idea.

I realize he endeared himself to a segment of angry white people, but he did it at the price of wholly alienating massive demographics. That’s not usually how presidential campaigns play out. We get candidates who seem brutally indifferent to our concerns and needs, but not ones who get up at 3 a.m to express furious contempt for us.

I don’t see this working out well. He’s lit a whole bunch of fuses, and he has no plans to stamp them out, and we can’t forget that he’s the one who lit them.

We haven’t done this before. Maybe Nixon was a little like that. You got the feeling that Nixon hated everyone, but you didn’t have hours of tv footage or hundreds of tweets in which he told us so.

No, I just can’t see this working out well.

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