More intersecting

Some background on the clash over intersections at the University of Cape Town, specifically on why UCT suspended Chumani Maxwele:

According to the university[,] on Mayday, Maxwele went into the Mathematics building after being informed that “as it was a public holiday, all lecture theatres and classrooms were locked. Once inside the building, and after ascertaining that the said rooms were in fact locked, he is alleged to have:

  • raised his voice at the lecturer (who was in the department to mark student papers), stating that she was “a white woman who takes all the rights of the black students”;
  • shouted aggressively that “the statue fell; now it’s time for all whites to go”;
  • stated that he was not interested in the opinion of whites and that they should be killed;
  • continuously shouted and swore at the lecturer and two other witnesses to the incident;
  • started banging on the lecturer’s office door (after she had entered the office and locked her door) and when the lecturer opened the door, to have pushed her in his attempt to enter;
  • continued to shout and scream at her and bang on her desk; and
  • uttered the words: “We must not listen to whites, we do not need their apologies, they have to be removed from UCT and have to be killed.”

Witnesses apparently backed up this version of events, while none supported Maxwele’s, which was published by the Cape Times on the 12 of May.

The UCT Trans Collective has a Facebook page where it explains things.

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