Sheffield ASH does interfaith some more

More from Sheffield University ASH. A later comment on that Facebook thread explaining why they were afraid to invite Maryam to speak:

Ellen Woods I ran this society several years ago (with a fairly “hardline” approach) and we had an ever increasing membership. I am frankly embarrassed by this statement.
I met Maryam Namazie at an event with Sheffield Humanist society a few years ago as well as rallies in London and think she, and everything she stands for, is fantastic.
I have honestly no idea who runs or is involved in the University society now but I apologise on behalf of myself and previous members. What a shame.

And a reply by the ASH Secretary, who is probably the author of the post, since the clumsiness of language is similar in both:

Jack R. Dowling If you’re done with your puffed up sophistry, Ellen, I’ll be happy to correct you.
We have seen great success with students and active membership since the society has been going in the direction outlined in our statement. And this is partly due to dropping the ‘hardline’ approach you seem to be quite proud to tout.
I have also met Maryam, and agree with her on many things; she was an ally, not an enemy. And we would have been very happy to have her to speak.
Unfortunately she has a narrative of victim hood which you all seem to have bought into quite nicely.
You’re talking to one of those people now, Ellen. And I’d like to apologise to you too. I’m sorry that the idea of promoting ideas of humanism and interfaith is an affront to you. Fortunately you aren’t here anymore; not a member who’s concerns we would take on board. So no harm no foul as I see it.

Confused, rude, and fatuous, all at once.

It’s sad for the ASH students of Sheffield.


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