The school’s understanding of a biblical lifestyle

Things that students at Trinity Academy, a private Christian high school in Wichita, Kansas, are not allowed to do:

  • have sex before marriage
  • drink alcohol
  • have a gay relative


Blah blah blah Bible blah Jesus blah body is the temple of god blah no likker smokes or drugs or any other illegal or inappropriate activity…

That’s elegant, isn’t it – first no alcohol, no tobacco, no illegal drugs, no abuse of prescription drugs – and then everything else. Don’t do drugs, and don’t do ANYTHING WRONG. Nailed it.

Blah blah blah church blah marriage blah and then, for a rousing finish, a long tangled fret about all these confusing newfangled things like not being HeterOSexual.

What always strikes me about these things is the shocking ethical poverty. All the rules are so narrow, so petty, so self-regarding, so indifferent to everything that really matters. Not a word about kindness or generosity or collaboration, nothing about poverty or war or violence or suffering – just nasty prurient domestic shit. Don’t fuck boys if you’re a boy, don’t drink gin, don’t read anything that’s not the bible.

Who would want to stay at a school like that?

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