Very rough

Hoo-boy. Trump changed his mind about having a tantrum at the NY Times, and they had their meeting after all.

(What can it be like having a meeting with him? A giant petulant baby with way too much power? It must be such a bizarre experience.)

The Times shares:

The strained relationship between Donald J. Trump and The New York Times took an odd path on Tuesday when a planned meeting between the president-elect and the newspaper was abruptly canceled by Mr. Trump and then quickly rescheduled.

After a morning of back-and-forth statements and Twitter posts, Mr. Trump arrived at midday for a meeting with Times representatives at the paper’s Midtown headquarters. Seated next to the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., in the paper’s Churchill Room, he said he had great respect for the paper but thought its treatment of him had been “very rough.”

God he’s stupid. The Times is not there to write daily panegyrics to unqualified ignorant billionaire candidates for president. That’s not their job.

He added that he hoped he and the paper could improve their relationship.

No, that’s not how that works. You don’t have a “relationship.” You can’t make the Times be your besty.

Three people with knowledge of Mr. Trump’s initial decision to cancel the meeting said that Reince Priebus, the incoming White House chief of staff, had been among those urging the president-elect to cancel it, because he would face questions he might not be prepared to answer. It was Mr. Priebus who relayed to Mr. Trump, erroneously, that The Times had changed the conditions of the meeting, believing it would result in a cancellation, these people said.

Ah look at that. because he would face questions he might not be prepared to answer. Of course he fucking would! He will always face questions he certainly won’t be prepared to answer, because he’s ignorant and incurious and thick as a brick. He can’t refuse to talk to us because he’s too ignorant and thick to answer questions relevant to the job he campaigned to get. It doesn’t work like that.

They collected tweets from the meeting.

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