An herbal sister-made salve

Someone called Luna Love peddles her wisdom and spiritualityismness on Facebook. She has a long post titled How We Numb.

Today I had a medical practitioner cut a piece of my vulva off. I’m grateful she let me bring in my own holistic medicines into this strange and sterile environment to treat myself before and after the procedure.

They wanted to inject my yoni with lidocaine and numb the whole area. I said no. They wanted to clean me with something that was hot pink before they cut into me, I said no. Then they wanted to put some strange chemical filled substance on my yoni to stop the bleeding, which was profuse. I said no.

Ahhh…just two paragraphs in and I’m cringing in horror. No to numbing? No to cleaning? No to stopping the bleeding? Wtf is wrong with people? Does she know any history of medicine at all?

I was prepared. I didn’t just do what they told me to do because they’re doctors. I know my body. I know what it wants and needs. I stated my boundaries.

Oh yes, “just because they’re doctors.” Of course. Just because they spent several years in med school learning a highly technical subject in order to know how to do things like surgery on female genitalia without killing the patient – that’s no reason to do what they instruct. Personal knowledge of one’s own body is way better than technical knowledge of bodies in general and medicine in general.

I didn’t want to numb it, I wanted to feel it. Go ahead, cut me, I can handle it. It hurt for sure. Not going to lie, but it’s just sensation. Sensation in my most sacred sanctuary.

Yes, bad sensation, stressful sensation. Maybe she’s so Enlightened that she can feel the pain without stress, or then again maybe that’s not really possible.

We don’t want people to feel pain. We stuff people full of chemicals to avoid experiencing life (…and death). We shop, we watch TV, we use drugs and alcohol to escape this Great Mystery.

Oh some of us do want people to feel pain. People who like to hit and cut and shoot others do want them to feel pain. Nice of her to give them a shout-out.

I did an herbal steam this morning, painted the area with a kava, willow, frankincense paste and iced it until the procedure. I cleaned it with a diluted palo santo extract. I stopped the bleeding with helichrysum essential oil, which acts as a liquid plasma and applied pressure, and have an herbal sister-made salve on it to help heal.

Blah blah blah kava blah palo santo blah blah helichrysum blah plasma blah salve blah blah – how does she know her words work better than the doctors’ words? That is, how does she know the stuff she labels with her Special names work better than theirs? What’s the source of her knowledge? It can’t be just internal, just “knowing her own body,” because she got the words from somewhere. How reliable is the somewhere, and how does she know?

I know this is my work. As the Feminine Leadership Academy Emotional Mastery series just closed last week and I continue to receive clarity on next year’s/my life’s work it continually becomes more and more revealed, begging me to step in more.

My work is, has been, and forever will be about The Art of Remembrance. This to me, is why we’re here on Earth – to remember our Divine Nature and choose to embody it through our beings. The willingness to devote ourselves to doing so takes courage, it takes a brave soul, it takes all of us. To continually surrender to Life’s mysterious gifts and welcome them in when they’re packaged in a way we didn’t expect or want is part of that remembrance.

Numbing is not Living. It’s getting through it all in a haze of sensationless existence.

May we learn and help each other live and die well. This is my prayer, my path, my work, my humble service. May the land that will hold the ‘Center for Living and Dying Well’ be brought forth with ease and grace for this work to be made manifest.

And so it is.

I actually agree with her about resisting numbing and distraction. But the anti-medical woo Feel the Pain shit? Oh hell no.

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