Beach essentials like a leather-wrapped cooler

A Hadley Freeman tweet alerted me to new news from Gwyneth Paltrow.

To Architectural Digest we go, to drink our fill of this luxurious general store with its straw hats on the wall.

Gwyneth Paltrow and the Hamptons go together like a Hans Wegner chair in a Scandinavian-style home. That’s why Paltrow, who has a home in Amagansett, finally decided to bring her signature Goop Mrkt out East, and it’s not your typical polished Hamptons boutique. Tucked inside a 20th-century cottage, the store is more like a chic general shop you would find in an English seaside town, which is exactly the look Paltrow wanted to achieve when she enlisted former Soho House designer Vicky Charles, of Charles & Co., to reimagine the landmarked property.

People replying to Freeman’s tweet are providing poignant details of the chic general shop you would find in an English seaside town: the stale cakes, the Fray Bentos tinned steak and kidney pie, the three day old sausage rolls under a heat lamp by the till, the combination of scratch cards, cheap strong lager and dusty tins of Tyne brand beef curry.

Ah the olde worlde charme.

Goop’s own products, curated specifically for the Hamptons lifestyle, create an extra layer of contemporary. In the “mudroom,” guests are greeted with herb bundles hanging from the wall; beach essentials, like a leather-wrapped cooler from Jayson Home; and gardening supplies, including a brass mister and Womanswork gloves. “This particular space was inspired by a room in an English cottage, where you can just kick off your wellies and store your gardening tools,” says Brittany Pattner, Goop’s creative director.

Other items are more farm-focused, such as tomatoes grown from the outdoor garden and fresh-baked bread from Eli Zabar, which will be delivered daily. “It’s all about the easy, breezy life you live out here,” says Pattner. “We wanted to create a really holistic experience of not only curating products, but also providing the right context for those items.” Mission accomplished.

It’s curated specifically for the Hamptons lifestyle.

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