Proud to have led the charge

Twitter’s algorithm has a sense of humor. Today the first things I saw in my feed were John Lewis, Adam Schiff, and Barack Obama telling us to have a merry or happy Christmas.

So then naturally I had to check out what the current “president” has been up to.

So much aggression for what purports to be a defense of a benevolent sentiment. He might as well be shouting “Merry fucking Christmas you nigger-loving pussy-whipped atheist scum!!”

Steve Silberman has an eloquent riposte:

Psst, can we talk? I promise to be mostly positive on this day of all days. But there’s something DEEPLY CREEPY about Trump taking credit for people wishing each other “Merry Christmas.” It’s not just that it’s a ridiculous lie and Obama said it all the time. It’s not just, “Oh there he goes again.” It’s not just that it ridicules people for trying not to exclude their Jewish and Muslim neighbors. Trump is trying to steal our basic goodness and courtesy as a nation. Some people are good Christians, and some people are bad Christians, but Trump is *the opposite of a Christian.* He brags about stuff he didn’t do, blames others for stuff he did, and attacks those who have less than he does. This “War on Christmas” nonsense is a microcosm of the spiritual sickness he has brought to this country.

Granted, the eloquence rests on the assumption that “Christian” stands for decent qualities that Trump defies and attacks, but that doesn’t really matter here. The important part is that Trump is the opposite of a decent human being, and that he performs that opposition all day every day while being the head of state.

So yeah happy holidays and everything.

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