Still lower

Today in Trump. Worse than ever, I’m afraid.

Some late yesterday first.

Yes, and a harsh indictment of our society, politics, discourse, education system, and much else that fact is…but bracket that, and it’s still the case that winning the election is not the same thing as succeeding in the job. Tragically and horribly and shamefully, Trump won the election by being a sexist racist xenophobic bullying pig, and despite being a liar and fraud and cheat. That says terrible depressing things about us as a country. But he is not winning the presidency. He’s failing dismally…and dragging us down with him. He won’t “continue to WIN” because what he’s doing can’t be described as winning. He’s trashing everything in sight, yes, but that’s not winning.

Again with the relentless Hitler-Goebbels-like attack on the free press. Not winning.

No. Bullying, insulting, and lying are not MODERN DAY anything. They’re just bullying, insulting, and lying. An evil malevolent enraged toddler-man is not MODERN DAY anything. It’s just an evil malevolent enraged toddler-man destroying everything in his path, like a hurricane.

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