Ten times harder

The more I think about it the more staggering – and yet all too predictable – it is that Melania Trump’s people think it’s fine to justify his vulgar sexist vicious tweets by saying: “As the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.”

In fact you could read that as a captive Melania signaling to the rest of us. “I keep telling you – he’s an authoritarian bully who thinks he’s the only important person in the world.”

But you can also read it more straightforwardly as his wife dutifully saying what he would say: nobody has any right to criticize The Great and Awesome Donald Trump, and if anyone does dare to criticize him, he will retaliate not with an equivalent response but with ten times more venom. You criticize him, he will tear you into pieces and feed you to the alligators.

He has everything backward. He’s ignoring the fact that taking the job of head of state means having to put up with endless criticism and dissent and indeed mockery. He thinks it works the other way – that once you’re head of state  you have the power to force people to say you’re awesome.

Not yet you don’t, Donnie. Not yet.

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