And furthermore…

Isaac Chotiner’s Buruma interview is today’s news in Abusers’ Corner; yesterday’s was John Hockenberry doing his “This has all been so sad for me” thing in Harper’s.

He starts off by telling us everything we know about him, which is why I stopped reading it yesterday, gagging. He goes on to tell us about all his stuff in a storage unit now, how important he used to be, how sad, poor him.

Then he tells us his friends don’t shower him with affection any more.

I have also faced unrelenting anger from both male and female colleagues. Or, more common and more painful, I have faced their stony and, in my view, cowardly silence. Only one of my accusers reached out or responded to my heartfelt queries. She had very useful and meaningful things to say, for which I am grateful.

Those other bitches, who failed to “reach out” to him just because he’d abused them in the past – the hell with them, right?

I have never been accused of anything that, in my view, could be construed as criminal or coercive.

Well naturally. You told yourself whatever story was necessary to make it ok to sexually harass women. That’s how that works.

But in the blink of an eye I have gone from being someone recognized on the streets of New York City as a journalist, author, and advocate for people with disabilities to someone who fears recognition and trembles at the prospect of running into some radio listener who has come to find me an object of pity or reproach. My mission here in part is to let you know a lot more of the truth about me and to deny what you may have heard that is false but gets repeated over and over without challenge.

In short, dear readers, it’s all about him.

And then…my god he writes an entire book about it. It must be 40 thousand words at least. It’s all as self-obsessed as the snippet above.

What the hell is wrong with everyone?

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