Diddums doesn’t want to look weak

The squalor of it.

A senior administration official, after Axios asked whether Trump thinks the family separation issue is a political winner because it makes him look “hardcore” on the border:

  • “Not at all. He’s doing it to press the case with Congress. He’s moved personally, but also doesn’t want to look weak. He feels boxed in, is frustrated and knows it’s bad politics — but also understands it’s not a fight he can back down from.”

Right because that’s definitely the important thing – whether or not a stupid petulant cruel toad of a man “looks weak” or not. That definitely outweighs the anguish of infants and toddlers and children yanked away from their parents, and the anguish of the parents they’re yanked away from.

Also it’s absolutely fine and ok for a lying abusive thieving rat of a man to make policy decisions based on what serves him rather than the welfare of the people affected or the good of the country as a whole. We’re certainly all just furniture in the life of Donald Trump, the only human who matters.

Also it’s assuredly not a matter of morality or principle or ordinary compassion but of a “fight” that he must not “back down from.”

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