The first lady expressed empathy for affected families

No, don’t go thinking Melania Trump is distancing herself from Don the Punk on the grabbing children from their parents question. Of course she’s not.  She’s got a nice comfortable life being Don the Punk’s most recent wife, and those children aren’t her problem.

Melania Trump urged “both sides of the aisle” on Sunday to come together to stop federal authorities from separating children from their parents when apprehended at the border, a rare public intervention in an issue that has generated enormous criticism of her husband.

In other words she echoed Don the Punk’s lie about the Democrats forcing him to grab children away from their parents.

In a statement issued by her office, the first lady expressed empathy for affected families, saying the country should be governed “with a heart,” but did not directly take issue with President Trump’s policy. Instead, by saying that “both sides” needed to agree, she adopted his argument that the situation was caused by political stalemate rather than a policy he initiated.

Except that it’s not an argument but a lie.

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