He wants a GREAT climate

Particularly…erm…let’s call it questionable.

Voice off camera: “Does seeing this devastation change your opinion on climate change at all Mister President?”

Trump: “No, no, I have a strong opinion, I  want [lifting hand in idiot OK gesture, waving it back and forth in direction of Voice] great climate. We’re going to have that, and we’re going to have forests that are very safe, because we can’t go through this every year we go through this, n we’re gunna have safe forests, and uh [licks lips] that’s happening as we speak.”

Then he says, obviously groping around in the empty cupboard of his brain for something to promise, we’re going to “see something very spectacular over the next couple of years.” Spectacular? How is he planning to make a reduction in wildfires “spectacular”?

But that’s a side issue, the real issue is that he apparently thinks he can simply will us into having “a great climate.” The real issue is that he’s that dumb and that ignorant. I know we already know that, but seeing the stuffed windbreaker and khakis stumbling around trying to be a real adult with real plans to do real harm reduction just underlines the point further.

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