RTÉ reports:

The results in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment show the Yes side is ahead by a margin of around 2-to-1.

Most of the 40 constituencies have now finished counting ballot papers and have declared official results.

In what is expected to be the highest Yes vote, 78.4% of voters in Dublin Bay South opted to repeal the Eighth.

On a day described by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as the “culmination of a quiet revolution”, Galway East was the first constituency to declare a result delivering a decisive Yes vote at 60%.

In the capital all declared constituencies have come in with over 70% for the Yes side.

Donegal looks to be the one constituency that will vote No.

Two Fianna Fáil TDs who advocated a No vote, said they would now support proposed legislation to provide for abortion services.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said the Oireachtas should move efficiently to enact the will of the people.

The LoveBoth campaign has said exit polls paint a bleak picture for retention of the Eighth Amendment “and represent an abortion regime that has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with abortion on demand.”

Nonsense; it has everything to do with healthcare. If it’s a pregnancy you don’t want, it’s nine months of increasing illness and discomfort and disability, ending in X hours of terrible pain and a permanently altered body. If you don’t want it that’s absolutely a healthcare issue. Women who want the baby heroically put up with all of it, but that doesn’t make it a walk in the park.

In Dublin, a nice touch:

After Eights are a brand of mint chocolates. Brilliant.

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