Skip the lectures

Trump is having a sulk about his boring homework of going to stinky old CANADA when he hates Canada and would much rather watch tv and eat ice cream.

The president has vented privately about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as their trade tensions have spilled into public view. He has mused about finding new ways to punish the United States’ northern neighbor in recent days, frustrated with the country’s retaliatory trade moves.

To…punish Canada? For what? For Trudeau not saying “how high?” when Trump says “jump”?

And Trump has complained to aides about spending two days in Canada for a summit of world leaders, believing the trip is a distraction from his upcoming Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to three people familiar with Trump’s views.

Distraction from…what? Making scowly faces in the mirror? What’s Trump paying attention to in connection with his get-together with Kim? We know it’s not anything to do with knowledge or understanding, so what is it?

In particular, the president said Tuesday to several advisers that he fears attending the Group of Seven summit in rural Charlevoix, Quebec, may not be a good use of his time because he is diametrically opposed on many key issues with his counterparts — and does not want to be lectured by them.

Of course he doesn’t. He wants to be left in peace in his state of imperturbable ignorance. He doesn’t want to have to talk to people who know more than he does. Knowledge, to him, represents “the swamp,” and he won’t find anybody at the G 7 who can come close to his limpid pure intact state of emptiness.

Additionally, Trump has griped periodically both about German Chancellor Angela Merkel — largely because they disagree on many issues and have had an uneasy rapport — as well as British Prime Minister Theresa May, whom he sees as too politically correct, advisers say.

Also? They are both women. Uggggh. How dare those bitches try to lecture him? It’s Crooked Hillary and Pocahontas all over again.

Trump is a homebody president, preferring to sleep in the White House — or at one of his signature properties — than in hotels, so he is generally reluctant to take long journeys. Furthermore, he prefers visiting places where he is feted — such as on his trips last year to Beijing, Paris and the Saudi capital — over attending summits where the attending leaders are treated as equals.

That’s a damning fact. It’s self-evidently true, but it’s damning. He wants to strut around playing Big Dick at all times, not be just one of a bunch of colleagues.

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