“We’re sending them the hell back”

The evil demon held another fascist rally last night, this time in Duluth, Minnesota. He was more monstrous than ever.

The president was here in part to support Pete Stauber, a Republican candidate for a House seat. But, as he usually does on the campaign trail, Mr. Trump focused more on his agenda — and his enemies, at one point declaring that he had “a much better apartment” than his critics.

Turning to immigration, Mr. Trump castigated the Democrats.

“The Democrats want open borders: ‘Let everybody pour in, we don’t care,’” he said, as the crowd erupted into a chant of “Build the Wall,” and mocked a handful of people who tried to protest his policy. (“Go home to your mom,” the president told at least one demonstrator.)

I tell you what: there are two people we made a big mistake letting “pour in”: Trump’s father’s father and Trump’s mother. If they’d been turned away there would be no Donald Trump, and the world would be a significantly less awful place.

He said of other countries: “They’re not sending their finest. We’re sending them the hell back. That’s what we’re doing.”

He wouldn’t recognize “the finest” if it sat down in his lap and offered him a Big Mac. His criteria for what’s fine are entirely warped.

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