White niggers of the New World Order

Have a blast from the past.

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That’s 1992. In 2007 Claire Fox (one of the Living Marxism set) wrote a touching reminiscence at Comment is Free:

During the Balkans conflict, the Serbs were routinely demonised en masse. Those of us who argued against casting the former post-cold war Serbia as an international pariah state, instead of a local protagonist in a dirty and bloody civil war, were labeled Serb apologists. In 1992, Living Marxism (the magazine I then wrote for and went on to publish after its re-launch as LM in 1997) noted that the Serbs had been turned into the “white niggers of the New World Order”; they were frequently described as “thugs”, “fascists”, “gangsters” and “rapists” by everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Red Ken Livingstone, from neo-cons to liberal journalists. The anti-Serb consensus was nothing if not broad!

Now she’s one of the Spiked set, because that’s what the Living Marxism set did – they linked hands and pivoted 180 degrees in unison. Here she is back in December along with Christina Hoff Sommers and Cathy Young and other libertarian rebbuls warning of the dangers of MeToo.

How ironic that #MeToo is fuelling its own bullying climate: women are told to conform, or else. This climate is a greater threat to real freedom than any pathetic groper.

Or any terrifying anti-Serb consensus?

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