And me


This morning Trump tries, sort of, to pay attention to the misery of the Bahamas, but he makes it about him all the same.

Thank you to Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for your very gracious and kind words in saying that without the help of the United States and me, their would have been many more casualties. I give all credit to FEMA, the U.S. Coast Guard, & the brave people of the Bahamas.

Oh lord. That fatal “and me.” What’s that even doing there?

Why does he make it about kind words at all? Why does he lead with thanking the PM for kind words instead of with the tragedy of what happened to the Bahamas? Why doesn’t he make it about our sympathy for them instead of their flattery of him? How can he be so stupid-egomaniacal that he can’t even focus on an island literally flattened by a hurricane instead of on compliments to Majestic Him?

I wish I could walk slowly and deliberately into the Oval Office and empty a bucket of puke over his head.

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