Assistant Professor of Philosophy in action

Rachel ratchets.

Again: nobody says trans people shouldn’t compete or denies their right to compete. The issue is people with male bodies competing against women. Funny how McKinnon consistently avoids mentioning that in these slogans and T shirt logos.

So what is the merch like?

There’s a second one, I guess for emphasis.

“I’m not touching her, Mom!”

Metaphorically hahahaha not really.

Throw a brick throw a brick throw a brick throw a brick throw a brick throw a brick!

Metaphorically, of course.

Imagine someone tweeted the same thing repeatedly / compulsively with Black Lives Matter substituted for transphobia. What would we think? We would think what we were meant to think: that it’s a threat and incitement of violence against BLM. Oh but BLM isn’t a person! It’s an idea, a concept, a political view! Talking about throwing a brick at it is just a metaphor. And that rally in Charlottesville was just a Saturday picnic for likeminded friends.

In case you missed it the first six times –

And after all that let’s have a sober thoughtful professorial coda:

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