Bullied physically and mentally just for being who you are

Sports editor dude at not-NY Times explains to women athletes why it doesn’t matter if trans women shove them aside:

I’m writing this knowing that most of the people reading it will disagree, knowing that the responses will likely be aggressive. But I’m writing it because I feel the other side deserves a voice. This does not make me right. This does not make me wrong. But in the debate over transgender athletes there has been one dominant narrative, so this is an attempt to try to change a few minds.

He means the women. You know, the historically dominant sex, historically in charge of all the narratives. He’s hoping to be able to be heard over the domineering roar of all these powerful women who’ve had it their own way for so long.

Sharron Davies explained in an interview with The Times about why she wants the IOC to take a stance over transgender women competing alongside people who were born women. She is not alone in feeling strongly about this, concerned that women’s sport is under threat and that there will no longer be a level playing field.

She and Martina Navratilova are important, influential voices who speak for many women on this topic. They, like most of us, are not experts though.

They’re not?

They’re experts on women in sport, surely, which is the subject at hand.

And while it’s important to hear and respect people’s views, I disagree and worry a circus is being created out of something that a) is not a huge problem in sport and b) further marginalises totally unthreatening people and creates a narrative of fear around them.

It’s not a huge problem for him, and that’s all that counts, yeah?

As for totally unthreatening…some of the people in question are in fact very threatening in the most literal sense: they make threats.

Minorities have forever been grouped together and been served up to the majority as threatening: don’t let gay men teach your children or they’ll get AIDS, don’t let black men in the same shops as you or they’ll rape your women, don’t do a business deal with a Jew or he will steal your money.

Oh look, he’s not even talking to us, he’s talking to men only – that “they’ll rape your women” gives it away. That’s default male aka assumed male: assuming only men are reading your paper. He’s not talking to us, and he’s also pretending our subordination doesn’t exist.

Or you could let people quietly go about their lives and acknowledge that they have been through hell compared to you.

Women have it easy, it’s trans people who have been through hell. Alex Kay-Jelski is expert enough to know this by virtue of being a man.

In the case of most transgender people that means growing up knowing you are different, an outsider and often being bullied physically and mentally just for being who you are.

He just has no clue, does he. Not the faintest glimmer of a clue.

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