Descent continues

What’s new? Trump on the lawn telling reporters he did tell Ukraine to “investigate” Bidens.

Trump admits he asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, and asks China to do the same. Like Nixon telling America “I ordered the break in.”

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump, speaking outside the White House, said Ukraine should investigate his rival Joe Biden – exactly the thing Trump is under threat of impeachment for – and added that China should also start a probe.

“If they were honest about it, they would start a major investigation into the Bidens,” Trump said when asked what he wanted Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky to do.

“I would say President Zelenskiy, if it was me, I would start an investigation into the Bidens.”

Trump said China should also start an investigation into the Bidens, and suggested he might ask the country to do so.

Asked if he had requested President Xi of China to help investigate the Bidens, POTUS replied: “I haven’t but it’s certainly something we can start thinking about.”

Well, except for the fact that it’s illegal. Very illegal. More illegal than sloppy parking.

Meanwhile Lindsey Graham is Helping.

Storm clouds are continuing to gather around Donald Trump over the Ukraine scandal, but that hasn’t stopped his faithful confidante, Lindsay Graham, from reportedly urging foreign governments to work with William Barr in investigating the origins of the Mueller inquiry.

Graham is said to have written to the prime ministers of Australia, Italy and the UK to request their “continued cooperation with attorney general Barr as the Department of Justice continues to investigate the origins and extent of foreign influence in the 2016 election”.

The investigation is an attempt to discredit Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

One of Trump’s many retweets over the past few hours:


So adult.

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