It was perfect, perfect

After the car crash sit down with President Niinistö there was a car crash press conference with President Niinistö.

It starts at about 1:15.

It’s a replay of the sitdown.

That’s one of the creepiest things about watching and listening to Trump – the repetition. The endless, endless, demented repetition. He has his talking points and he repeats them on Twitter and at sit downs and at press conferences and at press sprays and doubtless every couple of minutes everywhere else. The call was perfect, perfect. Lindsey Graham said “I never knew you were that nice.” It was perfect, perfect, not a thing wrong with it. He called Ukraine to get permission to share the transcript; he didn’t want to do it, he hated to do it. Shifty Schiff.

It’s perseveration, is what it is. He can’t even manage to remember that the people he’s saying these things to have heard them before and seen them in his tweets before. His tweets are repetitive.

The guy’s brain is broken.

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