Fiery, what fiery?

Biden is covering himself with glory.

Joe Biden lashed out at an Iowa town hall Thursday after a man suggested the former vice president helped his son get a sweetheart deal in Ukraine and was “selling access” like President Donald Trump does.
The fiery exchange with the man, who only identified himself as a non-Republican Iowa farmer, ended with Biden challenging him to a contest of push-ups, running or an IQ test before he yelled at him.

Brilliant. The age issue isn’t about doing push-ups, it’s about the likelihood of dying on the job. Ok it’s also about stamina and cognitive faculties and so on but it’s especially about that whole sell-by date thing. Biden is 77. He would turn 80 two years into his term if he were elected. That’s not ideal. I’m a geezer myself and that doesn’t stop me thinking geezers are not an ideal choice. Biden’s face lift could be seen as evidence that he knows that but doesn’t care enough to do the right thing.

And he has a hell of a nerve getting stroppy about the Hunter issue. It is an issue; he shouldn’t have let it happen; it’s an example of profiting from the office and we don’t need more of that in the Trump era.

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