Guest post: Always a seething undercurrent

Originally a comment by latsot on A roar rose from the crowd.

The UK is lost in a mire of racist sentiment. We’re sinking into the lie that things were better back then even when “then” means times like the 70s when absolutely everything was absolutely bad and the only reason we managed to keep our heads above the shit floating on every surface was… you know… those immigrants. Coming over here, the bastards, rescuing our economy and being totally fucked over because of it. You know, like those Windrush people, who we tricked into coming here to do the jobs we didn’t want to do and then we tried to deport their children and grandchildren? You know, those people? That great big fucking wedge of our society that makes Britain in the daylight such a brilliant place to live? That fucking wedge of society we turn against every time we’re feeling fucking petulant?

Racism has always been a seething undercurrent in Britain. That nice Mr Hitler was generally approved until he became a threat and when I grew up in the 70s my little town’s treatment of the not-so-white was horrific, even then. I mean, fucking horrific. And it hasn’t got much better, 40-odd years later. It’s a sickness that seems to invade people I used to think were friends. Are they getting worse? Am I getting better? Is it just that our society is increasingly fucked? I do not know.

But seriously, America. You buggers recently make us look like the most tolerant nation in history, even after we stole most other nations and made their people do what they were told. Including fucking America.

FOR FUCKS SAKE sort yourselves out.

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