Hamburg is in Germany??

Trump this morning.

Let’s pause to remember just one thing. The guy who composed that tweet is the guy who decided to make Rex Tillerson Secretary of State. If Tillerson was indeed totally ill-prepared and ill-equipped to be Secretary of State, then why did Trump decide to appoint him Secretary of State?

From that question, another follows. Clearly Trump didn’t think of that when he composed the tweet. Trump somehow managed to compose and post a tweet saying the guy he first appointed Secretary of State was totally ill-prepared and ill-equipped to be Secretary of State without realizing how that would reflect on him. How can you be that stupid and remember how to breathe?

I don’t know. Sarah Sanders refuses to discuss it.

Sarah Sanders declined to answer Thursday why President Donald Trump appointed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state despite saying he was “totally ill prepared” for the job.

And ill qualified. Don’t forget that part.

Tillerson has spoken little about his time in the administration since leaving last year. However, reports Wednesday claimed that Tillerson had met with members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and told them that Trump was, according to The Washington Post, out-prepared by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

Therefore, as sure as eggs is eggs, Trump retorted publicly on Twitter, blithely failing to notice that he was admitting gross incompetence.

Minuted later Sanders appeared for an interview on CNN and was asked why, if Tillerson was so “ill prepared and ill equipped,” the president nominated him in the first place.

“Look, the President’s meeting with Putin went extremely well,” Sanders responded, declining to answer the meat of the question. “The president has made clear that having a relationship with the president of Russia is better than not having one.”

Look, that wasn’t the question. Look, you can’t hide the fact that you’re not answering the question by answering a different question that nobody asked. Look, it doesn’t make you any more credible to start your non-responsive response with “Look.” Look, you’re a lying hack and should go back to Arkansas, never to be seen again.

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