He is empathizing with the other side

Victoria Derbyshire talked to Carl Benjamin this morning about his “jokes” about rape.

“There are two sides to every question,” he says, “and I am empathizing with the other side.”

So there are two sides to rape and he’s empathizing with the rapist?

Probably not; he probably means he’s “empathizing” with the side that finds rape jokes funny and “empowering.” He claims that he gets survivors of rape telling him they appreciate his jokes.

But. Even if you take that claim at face value, is that what he was doing when he made that “joke” about and at Jess Phillips? No, it was not. It was a very ordinary very familiar woman-hating dude joke aimed at a woman he wanted to bully.

He wants comedy to come back to the UK, because the BBC is doing everything it can to kill it off.

He says Derbyshire is inciting violence against him (milkshakes and kippers, apparently), but he hasn’t incited violence against anyone, because he was telling jokes.

And to sum up…

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