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He’s both stupid and a lunatic.

He’s flailing at Mueller now.

President Trump on Thursday attacked Robert S. Mueller III as “totally conflicted” and “a true never-Trumper” and claimed that the special counsel would have brought charges against him if he had any evidence — a characterization directly at odds with what Mueller said in a public statement Wednesday.

Mueller said very very clearly on Wednesday that bringing charges against Trump was not an option – his words. It was not an option because of Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. It’s becoming ever more horrifyingly clear that that policy is a disastrous mistake, but policy it is. Trump is lying when he says Mueller would have brought charges against him if he had any evidence.

Bill O’Reilly says Trump called him late last night to tell him the same stupid pack of lies.

Trump’s attacks came in morning tweets and later while speaking to reporters at the White House. In one of his tweets, he also seemingly acknowledged for the first time that Russia had helped him get elected in 2016 — but he strongly pushed back against that notion while talking to reporters as he prepared to leave Washington.

He can’t be held to it, because he’s too dense to know what he’s saying.

Trump returned to Twitter several hours later and continued opining on the Mueller investigation.

He said the Mueller had come to the Oval Office in 2017 with an interest of returning to his previous job as FBI director.

“I told him NO,” Trump wrote. “The next day he was named Special Counsel – A total Conflict of Interest. NICE!”

But that’s another lie. Mueller wasn’t trying to get the director job back.

A later tweet:

Oh, well, if you put it that way.

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